All of us at Simply Love Book Reviews LOVE to read and LOVE to tell friends about great books.

SLBR is a romance/women’s fiction review site. We do not review young adult (YA) books. We ocassionally will review outside the romance gene, but that is on a case by case basis and usually by a romance author writing in another genre.

SLBR reads and reviews contemporary mainstream romance, erotic romances, dark romances, paranormal romances, and romantic suspense. We also will review Women’s fiction but prefer that it has romantic elements in it.

  • The books we review have to have at least a Happily For Now preferably Happily Ever After.
  • Cliffhangers and serials make a few of us grumpy.
  • We support Indie authors, diverse authors, diverse romances, and LGBTQIA romances.

We will try our hardest to review your book.  Simply Love Book Review’s philosophy is to promote the books we love and we strive to post respectful and honest reviews.

We review books from Netgalley, Edelweiss, publishers, and public relations companies. If time allows we will review books submitted by authors. Email us at with the requested info below. We look at reviewrequests once a week, so please be patient. Please note we have a busy schedule and we are not able to accomodate very request.  Please be mindful that we review Romance and Women’s fiction books.  If you do not hear from us within 10 days, we are unable to accomodate your request.

Please read the following guidelines before submitting the review request.

All request MUST include:
Book Title
Include series name, if any
Publisher or is self pub put Indie
Genre/sub genre
Length – page count or words
Release Date
Earliest Date Review can be Posted
Author’s web-site
Contact Email
Title’s ISBN, ISBN9 or ISBN13

SLBR Reviewers like to read series in order. If your book is part of a series and not a stand alone, it will not be reviewed, unless it can be read as a stand alone or one of us have already read the rest of the series or we are provided with the preceding books.

SLBR reviewers are the only people who will have access to your submitted books.  NOTE: Submission of your book does not guarantee  that it will be read and have a review or posted on Simply Love Books.  Simply Love Book Reviews does not take any responsibility for the confidentiality of the book but will try our hardest to post spoiler warnings if we have any spoilers.

All content posted on Simply Love Book Reviews is the property of  Simply Love Book Reviews. Please feel free to post the review or portions of the review elsewhere. However I do require a link back to Simply Love Books.

If your book is reviewed, the review will be posted on Simply Love Books, Amazon and Goodreads.  If you would like to post some or all of the review on Amazon, you can do so under Editorial Reviews, you must give Simply Love Book Reviews credit for the review.

By submitting your book for review, you agree to my terms. The terms are subject to change at any time and without prior notification.


NOTE: Submitting a book to SLBR does not guarantee it will be reviewed.


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