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Kimber’s review & release blitz ~ Decker: Changing thePlay by Kayley Loring and Connor Crais

Kimber’s review & release blitz ~ Decker: Changing thePlay by Kayley Loring and Connor Crais

Even if you don’t normally read sports romances you need to read Decker – Changing the Play. It’s full of heart and so much emotion. ~ Kimber – Simply Love Books   Kayley Loring and Connor Crais have huddled up and written a highly entertaining sports Rom-Com and whoever came up with the idea they […]

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ARC Review – Big Easy Temptation (The Perfect Gentlemen #3) by Shayla Black & Lexi Blake

This is a must read, so prepare yourself for an emotionally thrilling and sexy ride set in the native home to mystery and intrigue – The Big Easy. ~ Kimber, Guilty Pleasures  Description: The New York Times bestselling authors of the Masters of Ménage series present the third scintillating novel featuring the privileged, wealthy, wild […]

ARC Review – Wicked Sexy Liar (Wild Seasons #4) by Christina Lauren

Sappy, mushy, or fluffy love stories are not ones you’ll usually hear me gushing about, but Christina Lauren wrote one such story that captured my heart and held it captive from beginning to end. ~ Kimber, Guilty Pleasures  Description: When three college besties meet three hot guys in Vegas, anything can—and does—happen. Book Four in […]

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ARC Two-fer Review – The Score (Off-Campus #3) by Elle Kennedy

Emotional, fun, packed with athletes you can’t get enough of Elle Kennedy delivers real love stories. ~ Ava, Guilty Pleasures  Description: He knows how to score, on and off the ice Allie Hayes is in crisis mode. With graduation looming, she still doesn’t have the first clue about what she’s going to do after college. […]

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ARC Review – Seduction in Session (The Perfect Gentlemen #2) by Shayla Black & Lexi Blake

If you are drawn to fast-paced captivating stories with imperfect alpha bad boys and strong sassy heroines this is the series/book for you. ~ Kimber, Guilty Pleasures  Description: Privileged, wealthy, and wild: they are the Perfect Gentlemen of Creighton Academy. But the threat of a scandal has one of them employing his most deceptive—and seductive—talents… […]

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ARC Review – Sweet Ruin (Immortals After Dark #15) by Kresley Cole

Sweet Ruin is so full of everything I want and need in a paranormal romance. ~ Kimber, Guilty Pleasures  Description: An immortal assassin is caught between desire and duty… A foundling raised in a world of humans Growing up, orphaned Josephine didn’t know who or what she was—just that she was “bad,” an outcast with strange […]

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ARC Review – Blood Kiss (Black Dagger Legacy #1) by J.R. Ward

Blood Kiss was sexy hot, highly entertaining, and edgy with just the right amount of humor and drama. ~ Kimber, Guilty Pleasures Description: Paradise, blooded daughter of the king’s First Advisor, is ready to break free from the restrictive life of an aristocratic female. Her strategy? Join the Black Dagger Brotherhood’s training center program and […]

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Review – The Shadows (Black Dagger Brotherhood #13) by J.R. Ward

The Shadows was beautifully told. The sweetness and gentleness was unexpected but welcomed, and even though I cried myself to sleep the night I finished it, I still loved the book. ~ Kimber, Guilty Pleasures  Description: Trez “Latimer” doesn’t really exist. And not just because the identity was created so that a Shadow could function […]

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