Amanda’s review ~ Through The Snow Globe by Annie Raines

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Amanda’s review ~ Through The Snow Globe by Annie RainesThrough The Snow Globe by Annie Rains
Published by Kennsington Books on August 22, 2023
Genres: Magical Realism, Romance, Women's Fiction
Pages: 320
Format: ARC, eBook, Paperback
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5 Stars

What if you could have one more day with someone you lost?

Diana Merriman, a physical therapist, is probably the only person in the small town of Snow Haven, North Carolina, who isn’t looking forward to Christmas. It’s been three weeks since her fiancé Linus was critically injured when a car hit him as he biked home from the toy store he owns and manages. Watching him open his eyes is the only gift she wants, but she can’t help losing a little more hope every day.

But an unexpected visit from a friendly neighbor and finding a snow globe of Snow Haven—a gift Linus had hidden in the closet—the night before Christmas Eve changes things in ways Diana never would have imagined. Because on Christmas Eve Diana wakes up to find that it’s not—Christmas Eve, that is. Instead, it’s somehow December 4 all over again, the day Linus got hurt, and as mystified as Diana is, she immediately starts a plan to save her partner from his fate.

Nothing is that simple, of course. Instead of a single repeat of that day, Diana finds herself in an endless loop of December 4, experiencing every possible variation of events. Along the way, she uncovers startling truths about herself, her relationship, and even her career that illustrate the ways she’s retreated from her life—and in the face of life’s slights and outright blows, from her deepest feelings. Suddenly hope is second only to joy as Diana opens her heart to the people she loves in every way she can.

Through the Snow Globe is the author’s debut women’s fiction story with a twist of magical realism and an absolute wonderful read. ~ Amanda – Simply Love Books


Through the Snow Globe by Annie Rains is a magical and enchanting holiday story of self-discovery. Given the chance of spending one more day with her fiancé, Diana Merriman shakes an enchanted snow globe and finds herself in a time loop. December 4th was the last day she was with Linus Grant when he was hit by a truck and ended up in a coma. Now she relives the day and she hopes to save him and get him back. Can she change fate?

Diana is a very likeable character that just needed confidence in herself and in her abilities. She grew up being told to depend only on herself and no one else. She kept her professional life all business and never tried to make delve into the personal with her patients. However, with each time loop she was in she tried new ways to interact in order to change the outcome with her patients, friends and family. She noticed that some things worked and others didn’t but she could never save Linus. Finally realizing that what she really needed from the loop was to make peace with Linus before leaving it all to fate. She grows and knows what is really important in life.

Through the Snow Globe is the author’s debut women’s fiction story with a twist of magical realism and an absolute wonderful read. This story deals with real life situations and emotions just like her contemporary romance stories. Diana and Linus’ story is like many other couples in which they try to figure out their next step and how to hold onto that love and feeling for each other. Annie Rains is a great storyteller and she is definitely on her game with Through the Snow Globe.

5 Stars

About Annie Rains

Annie Rains is a USA Today Bestselling author of small town contemporary romance full of hope and heart. After years of dreaming about being an author, Annie published her first book in 2015 and has been chasing deadlines and happy ever afters for her characters ever since. When she isn’t writing, Annie is usually spending time with her husband and 3 children, bingeing Netflix, or reading a book by one of her favorite authors.

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