Sharon’s review ~ The Wedding War by Liz Talley

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Sharon’s review ~ The Wedding War by Liz TalleyThe Wedding War by Liz Talley
Published by Amazon Publishing on April 21, 2020
Genres: Fiction / Romance / Contemporary, Fiction / Women
Pages: 332
Format: ARC, eBook, Paperback
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4 Stars

Save the date for this funny and poignant novel of family, friendship, letting go, and moving on by the award-winning author of Room to Breathe.

Once upon a time, Melanie Layton and Tennyson O'Rourke were inseparable--but their friends-4ever promises were shattered when an explosive secret was revealed at Mel's wedding, a secret that destroyed her family. The two haven't spoken for the past twenty some odd years, and they'd be happy if they never crossed paths again.

But now Mel's daughter and Teeny's son have fallen in love--and announced their engagement.

Which means the two women must tolerate one another and play nice long enough to plan their children's dream wedding. From the beginning, they clash. Melanie imagines a classy, elegant event, in keeping with tradition. Teeny's vision is a bit more extravagant, and thanks to her habit of marrying well, she's got the cash to plan the flashiest wedding of the season.

Complicating matters are the men in their lives: Tennyson is falling for the wrong guy, and Melanie is trying to hold on to a flailing marriage. Amid the flurry of cake tastings, dress fittings, seating charts, and bridal showers, Mel and Teeny confront their past mistakes--with twenty years of pent-up drama.

When the day of the wedding finally arrives, their friendship might just be something old and something new.

This book is messy, it is raw, it is realistic (although if I’m being honest at times over the top), and it was one of those books that I read in one sitting because I didn’t want to stop reading. ~ Sharon – Simply Love Books


Liz Talley has become one of my “go to” authors for women’s fiction, I love the emotions that come through her writing and that the characters feel real.  To my romance loving friends, The Wedding War is not a romance book, not by any stretch of the imagination, but it is a love story of sorts. Of two women in their mid 40’s, once best friends, that were torn apart after one falls in love and marries the ex-boyfriend of the other woman.  This book is messy, it is raw, it is realistic (although if I’m being honest at times over the top), and it was one of those books that I read in one sitting because I didn’t want to stop reading.

Tennyson (Teeny) and Melanie (Melly) were childhood best friends and when Teeny left for New York City to attend college and become famous, Melanie went to college with Teeny’s ex-boyfriend Kit. Melanie had always had a crush on Kit, and they fell into a friendship and eventually more. Especially when Tennyson disrupted their wedding (she was invited) and made a spectacle including an announcement of something she swore to take to her grave that changed Melanie’s family forever.

Now years later Melanie’s daughter, Emma, and Tennyson’s son, Andrew, after meeting at college are getting married and to top it off they are moving back to Shreveport as Emma begins medical school. After living all over the U.S. and world, Tennyson has bought a home and is moving back as well. To say planning a wedding on a short time frame with two parents at each other’s throats is challenging is putting it mildly.  Add to that Melanie suspects her husband’s business partner is enticing her husband to cheat and Tennyson is trying to figure out her place in the world after divorce number three.

At times this book felt like watching a train wreck, you don’t want to watch yet you can’t turn away. These women have so much animosity towards one another yet there are flashes of the girls they used to be and the friendship they once had. Their behavior at times was atrocious and childish but I felt that was because they had once loved one another deeply and the things they did to each other crushed them.

It was hard to watch them trying to figure out their own lives while trying to be happy for their kids who at 22 were so in love. It made them take a long, hard look at what their own lives had become, the mistakes they made, and the people they grew into. It didn’t help that Melanie was still dealing with her very overbearing mother and worried sick about her sister who refused to get help for her anorexia and bulimia and worrying about her own marriage. Or Tennyson looking back at all the mistakes she’d made in her life and wondering how it would have been different if she’d never left town. I appreciated that this book didn’t gloss over the bad things that happened, that we got to see these character’s pain and watch as they began to realize that they deserved more than the live they were currently living. Most of all I loved that despite how horrible they could be towards one another, they began to realize that they missed the friendship they once had an started to repair it not only for the sake of their children but for themselves as well.

The Wedding War will make your feel and make you think and most of all it will remind you that sometimes friendship while at times difficult is something we all need in our lives.

4 Stars

About Liz Talley

USA Today best-selling author Liz Talley loves staying home in her jammies and writing emotional women’s fiction and small town southern romance. Liz has published over thirty books, reaching number one in kindle romance. Her stories are set in the South where the tea is sweet, the summers are hot, and the porches are wide. Liz lives in Louisiana with her childhood sweetheart, two handsome offspring, and two spoiled pups.

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