Sharon’s review ~ A Manny for Christmas by Sara Madderson

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Sharon’s review ~ A Manny for Christmas by Sara MaddersonA Manny For Christmas on November 10, 2022
Genres: Contemporary, Family Life, Fiction, Holiday Romance, Romance, Second Chance Romance, Single Parent Romance, Women's Fiction
Pages: 360
Format: eBook, Kindle Unlimited, Paperback
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5 Stars

Single parenting is not what Nancy Meyers made it out to be. There isn’t a hydrangea or hot younger doctor in sight. Not even a charming widower with an improbably festive home.
Instead, my life is all flaky ex-husband, messy kitchen, grimy (if gorgeous) kids, and an alarm call at the arse-crack of dawn each day.
To top it off, I have no nanny.
I’m desperate.
But not desperate enough to let my sexy, I-never-want-kids ex-boyfriend step up as my new live-in manny.

Irony is not rain on your wedding day.
No, it’s finding yourself shacking up with your ex to be the manny to her children.
That’s the ex who walked twelve years ago when I told her I didn’t want to be a father.
The ex whose beauty is more breathtaking than ever.
Maybe that’s not ironic.
Maybe that's just karma being a complete and utter bitch.
Or maybe, just maybe, it’s a second chance at first love… if I can only ‘manny up’.

A Manny for Christmas is a delicious new standalone romance for the holiday season featuring second chances, a dreamboat manny, a found family, and a couple of adorable kids who’ll make him question everything. There’s enough magic to make Santa himself swoon. Oh, and it’s the spiciest Sorrel Farm book yet!

Her ex is her new manny, what could go wrong? ~ Sharon – Simply LoveBooks


This second chance love story wasn’t a typical one, this couple didn’t break up because they didn’t love one another anymore or because someone cheated or wanted out of the relationship; they broke up because they had fundamentally differing ideas of how they wanted their life together to look down the road. Simply put, she wanted children and he did not and she wasn’t willing to not have that experience so breaking her own heart and his, she walked away and went on to marry and have two adorable (and one somewhat feral) children. He went on to do big things in humanitarian work. Now divorced from a husband who walked away, on the cusp of her busiest time of year and her au pair leaving, he’s in town to visit his brother and needs a place to stay and guess who has an extra room and needs help with her children? Yep, that’s the set up of this story and it was brilliant.

Let me say that I loved Max; he was simply a good guy hero with a very unique way of dealing with Molly’s children. He took the job seriously, he wanted to give her a break and take some of the stress of her plate because deep down he still loves her, never really stopped.

Molly has had a pretty crappy year and while she has done the best she can for her children she’ll admit that being a single parent is HARD and with her job and having to be at work at 6 a.m. it’s even harder. She just wants her children to be safe and happy and the last thing she needs it Max back in her life but she also needs his help.

I loved the way they went from being a bit awkward around each other, to finding common ground, to friendship once again and eventually lovers. This book was skillfully written and I found it impossible to put down. And her two kids were as different as night and day but man they made this book even better in all kinds of ways.

A Manny for Christmas was simply fantastic and I was on the edge of my seat thinking something was going to pull them apart again, but I never expected a grand gesture during a school Nativity program and it having nothing to do with the heroine. Intrigued? You should be and you should also put this one on your MUST READ HOLIDAY ROMANCE LIST!

5 Stars

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