Sharon’s Favorite Reads of 2022

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Hi all, today Sharon is sharing her favorite books of 2022!


Let Me Love You by Scarlett Cole –  Let Me Love You was a very special friends-to-lovers story This book was heartfelt, emotional, and it consumed me long after I finished it. Scarlett Cole has a way to writing characters that seep into a reader’s soul and this book was a perfect example. A beautiful ending to what was an exceptional series.

Me by Elton John —  No other artist has been as important to me a Elton John and I am even a bigger fan of his for writing all about his past; good and bad, and not shying away from difficult topics or trying to sugarcoat his addictions and behavior. Thank you Elton and Bernie for giving me so many wonderful songs that made up the soundtrack to my life. While at times there were things that were difficult to hear, at other times I found myself laughing my head off, Me by Elton John was an absolutely amazing story that I loved from start to finish. I highly recommend this to anyone who has loved his work over the years.

Hollywood Ball by Annie Dyer – Let me tell you Annie Dyer outdid herself with this book; it was smart, sexy, funny, and refreshing. I always love when a one night stand turns into more and added that both these people were famous in their own right made this book even more interesting.  It was simply a joy to read.

Dating Dr. Dil  by Nisha Sharma — When I reflect back on Dating Dr. Dil, if I had to describe it I’m afraid people would think it sounds like a Jerry Springer show mess, but in reality it was not only a wonderful roller coaster ride romance, but it was about family expectations, life, and love of all kinds. I honestly don’t know what I loved most about this book; the hilarious and smart banter, the sizzling sexual tension, the “non-romance” romance, the crazy but loveable cast of characters, or the grand gesture that meant so much. Add in the meddling, nosey aunties who I adored, the spicy intimate scenes, and the wonderful descriptions of the Indian food, dress, family dynamics, and customs and I was captivated.

Hook, Line, and Sinker by Tessa Bailey –  These characters got into my heart, seeped into my soul, and I felt everything they felt throughout this book. A feel good, friends to lovers story that had heart, humor, and. loveable characters. This slow burn romance that was perfect for this couple, and I loved everything about it.

Sapphire Sunset by C.Travis Rice — This is one of those books that stuck with me. Months after reading it, I am still replaying scenes in my head and that is a testament to this author’s vivid storytelling. This book was captivating from start to finish, the characters memorable, and their love story one for the ages.

How to Fake It In Hollywood by Ava Wilder — While this book addressed some deep and hard situations it was also smart and funny at times and I truly enjoyed watching Grey and Ethan fall for one another even when they didn’t want to admit it. A debut novel, How To Fake It In Hollywood stands out as one of the most engaging, entertaining, and outstanding books I read in 2022.

You & Me by Tal Bauer — It’s been a long time since a book hit me this hard with so many emotions running through me. You & Me by Tal Bauer (a new to me author) was simply wonderful on many levels. A gay/bi-awakening romance between single dads whose sons happen to be best friends and star players on their Texas high school team.  I keep thinking of all the pieces of this story that gave it so much depth and such an emotional punch and how much I loved this book and these characters.

Dream House by Stephanie Fournet — Dream House is one of those books that as soon as I finished it, I wanted to go back and re-read it again; it is that good. While a romance takes place in this book, this story is about so much more. It’s about living life, making changes, found family, and taking chances, and I loved each and every uplifting and come together moment in this book.

Royally Indecent by Kelly Jamieson — I can’t even begin to explain how much I loved this book, these characters were all such good people and all had such different backgrounds yet they were good people who wanted to make a difference in the world, even if they wanted to do it in different ways. I admired each of them for their commitment to their respective life’s work. It has been a long while since I’ve read a M/M/F ménage that was so much more than s*x. While Griff and Ford called Chelsea their queen, I can say without any doubt Kelly Jamieson is the queen of ménage romances filled with heart, substance, and emotion while including some beautiful, tender and also hot intimate encounters.

Big Chicas Don’t Cry by Annette Chavez Macias — Sometimes a book just comes out of nowhere and hits you and that’s exactly what Big Chicas Don’t Cry did to me and yes, I’m going to admit this book made me cry, a few times to be exact, mainly because I was so invested in these women and what was going on in their lives that I absolutely felt what each of them were going through. These women had struggles of varying degrees with their jobs, with men, with each other, with their families, yet when push came to shove they were there for one another. I loved watching them navigate their lives, make mistakes, make big, scary decisions, fall in love even when it might not have been the right guy or the right time, fall apart but then get back up and keep going something their Welita had taught them their whole lives. A highlight of my reading year!

Love In 3D by Marie Harte — Love in 3D was the book I needed and I didn’t even know it. An easy going, fun, sweet, yet full out sexy romance with characters that are not perfect, but perfect for each other. I have been a fan of this author for years, and this book was such a breath of fresh air. As soon as I finished it, I picked it up and started it all over again; it was that good!

Most Eligible Cowboy by Stacey Kennedy — Ms. Kennedy’s skilled writing makes the reader feel every emotion as this couple navigates both the highs and lows life brings. I loved this book from beginning to end; interesting characters, a compelling story, and a happily ever after they both deserved.

For The Love of Friends by Sarah Goodman Confino — I absolutely LOVED this author’s voice, her humor, and her ability to weave a story that I not only laughed out loud at often, but felt so many emotions as well. It has been a very long time since an author impressed me on so many levels. For The Love of Friends was a well crafted love story of a woman not only finding the person she’s meant to be with, but finding the person she is meant to be along the way.

Down In Flames by Kate Meader — An opposites attract, emotional gay romance with sizzling chemistry, Down In Flames by author Kate Meader was everything I hoped for and more. This couple had chemistry in spades but circumstances kept them from going past that one night until a rescue puts them in each other’s path again. Their road to happily ever after wasn’t easy, they both were dealing with demons they had to overcome, but one was convinced they were meant to be and the other one just needed some time to figure it out.


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