Jennifer’s Favorite Reads of 2022

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Hi all! As we wrap up 2022, we are sharing some of our favorite books of the year. First up is Jennifer with her list of favorites.



Things We Never Got Over by Lucy Score –I am addicted to Lucy Score’s books! This was such a great story. Poor Naomi arrives in town to help out her twin sister Tina. But as usual her sister has made a mess and left Naomi to clean it up. Thinking that she is Tina, the town does not treat her well, especially Knox. She sets out to win over the town and especially Knox. Such a great story..

Rex and Rachel (duet) by Serena Akeroyd–I binged every book by Serena Akeroyd in 2022 and everything that she has written. Rachel and Rex’s lives have been intertwined since childhood. They have always had really strong feelings, but there was always something tearing them apart. There was a lot of stuff to unpack that their story spanned two books. Be prepared for a lot of emotions. But they are so good.

Bitter Sweet Heart by H. Hunting –this author is a must read for me. Maverick’s book far exceeded my expectations. He has lived his life in his NHL-star fathers shadow. He is so sweet and sensitive, but puts on a façade that hides his true self. Clover is the perfect match for him. She just needs to get over some hurdles. A really great addition to the Lies, Hearts & Truths series.

Hard Day for a Hangover by Darynda Jones –Wow…another great story. I loved this trilogy and cannot believe that it is over. I enjoyed every page. Sunshine and Levi are back with more murder and mystery surrounding them. They can never just have a chance to talk without an issue popping up. In the background is another mystery that I was shocked with the ending. I need more. I want to read about all the other characters, especially Auri and Cruz.

The Ruthless Trilogy by Monica Murphy –of course Monica Murphy landed on my list. She has been a favorite of mine for years and just keeps getting better. In Perry and Charlotte’s books readers are treated to the journey of their relationship from arranged marriage to true love. I loved seeing the evolution of their love. So very good.


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