Sharon’s review ~ Sea Glass Summer by Miranda Liasson

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Sharon’s review ~ Sea Glass Summer by Miranda LiassonSea Glass Summer by Miranda Liasson
Published by Grand Central Publishing on June 28, 2022
Genres: Fiction / Family Life / General, Fiction / Friendship, Fiction / Romance / Contemporary, Fiction / Women
Pages: 368
Format: ARC, eBook, Paperback
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4.5 Stars

A moving, uplifting novel about motherhood, starting over, and an unexpected summer romance…

Kit Blakemore is ready to live again. After her husband died while serving in the military, she was in a haze of grief. Now she wants to reclaim her former self—finish her degree and find a better career to provide for their sweet little boy, Oliver. To do that, she’ll need to sell her late husband’s dilapidated Victorian in Seashell Harbor. But first, Kit intends to give Ollie the kind of unforgettable seaside summer she had growing up, making lifelong memories and friendships.

Of course, nothing goes exactly as she planned. Ollie is struggling with his confidence, and frankly, so is Kit. But everything changes when her husband’s best friend, Alex de la Cruz, returns to town, offering to help her renovate. She doesn’t expect Alex to temporarily move in…or for him to bond with Ollie…or for her numb heart to begin thawing. Slowly he’s helping Kit and Ollie heal, and it scares her to death.

Kit swore she wouldn’t leave herself open to the pain of loss again. But if she’s going to teach her son to be brave and move forward, Kit must first face her own fears.

Once I began reading Sea Glass Summer, I could not put it down. Beautifully told with characters that charm and steal your heart, I loved this novel.  ~ Sharon – Simply Love Books


Sea Glass Summer, the second book in author Miranda Liasson’s Seashell Harbor does not disappoint. Two people recovering from the loss of one man; the husband to Kit Blakemore and father of her son Ollie, and best friend to Alex de la Cruz who he served with in the military. This wasn’t an easy romance and this book in fact learned more towards women’s fiction with a heavy romantic element in that Kit after three years was ready to reclaim her former life; get her own place, go back and finish her degree, open to the possibility of dating, and rid herself of the old Victorian house her late husband inherited and had dreams of restoring for their family. Alex had one thing on his mind, spend his summer and his own money restoring the house so Kit could sell it and ensure her and Ollie’s future before he moved on with the dreams of going to law school.  Filled with themes of loss, grieving, strength, longing, hope and love; Sea Glass Summer is the perfect feel-good, summer beach read.

It was easy to see from the beginning of this book that Kit’s friends and family had offered love and support after she lost her husband, but they also crippled her and she was feeling it. While some thought she was making rash decisions quite quickly, it was easy to see that she was a woman wanting to move on and figure out her new normal without relying of everyone. I admired her for that even when at times she was stubborn and didn’t want to ask for help. In a way I think her standing up to Alex whom she believes never really liked her gave her a boost of confidence she didn’t have and while she did compromise and grant him permission to work on the house she also let him know that she intended to be involved in the decisions about the house.

Alex really didn’t intend to get mixed up in Kit’s life but when he meets her son, his late best friend’s little boy, it was easy to see that he was going to have a hard time staying away. I loved that Alex was a stand up guy and he intended to do everything he could to restore the house so the sale of it would give Kit and Ollie the financial freedom her late husband wanted her to have.  I also felt he had Kit and Ollie’s best interest at hand in everything that he said or did.

There was a connection, a tension between Kit and Alex that was undeniable and yes, part of it was the fact Alex had harbored feelings for Kit for a long time and Kit thought he didn’t like her, but most of it was chemistry they both tried to ignore.

I felt their relationship moved at a natural pace and there were ebbs and flows to it. It wasn’t easy because between them was a man they both loved and missed, yet what the two of them have was different and just as important.

While I loved the moments between Alex and Kit as they were so obviously falling for one another some of my favorite moments were between Alex and Ollie as Alex guided Ollie through little hurdles with ease and patience. I loved their sweet conversations about t-ball, Carson (Ollie’s dad), and even life.

Once I began reading Sea Glass Summer, I could not put it down. Beautifully told with characters that charm and steal your heart, I loved this novel.


4.5 Stars

About Miranda Liasson

Miranda Liasson is a bestselling author who writes about the important relationships in women’s lives as well as the self-discovery and wisdom gained along the way. Her heartwarming and humorous romances have won numerous accolades and have been praised by Entertainment Weekly for the way she “deals with so much of what makes life hard . . . without ever losing the warmth and heart that characterize her writing.” She believes we can handle whatever life throws at us just a little bit better with a laugh.

A proud native of Northeast Ohio, she and her husband live in a neighborhood of old homes that serve as inspiration for her books.

Miranda loves to hear from readers!

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