Sharon’s review ~ Christmas Wish List by N.R. Walker

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Sharon’s review ~ Christmas Wish List by N.R. WalkerChristmas Wish List by N.R. Walker
Published by Blueheart Press on November 25, 2021
Genres: Contemporary, Fiction / Romance / Holiday, Fiction / Romance / LGBTQ+ / Gay
Pages: 254
Format: ARC, eBook
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5 Stars

In need of work and a change of scenery, Aussie ex-pat Jayden Turner agrees to a short-term chef position at a Bed and Breakfast over the Christmas holidays. After all, how hard could it be in a small town in the mountains of Montana? What he finds is a grand old house in a beautiful town, and his new boss is gorgeous, gay, and single.

After his divorce, Carter “Cass” Campion bought his great-aunt’s rundown country manor in his home town, and he’s determined to get it ready for the busy holiday period. Recently out as gay, he’s been focused solely on his business and hasn’t had time for a man. Not that many gay men come through Hartbridge . . .

As his new clients arrive, and being away from his two kids, celebrating Christmas is the last thing on Cass’s mind. But his new chef has other ideas. And if there’s one thing on his Christmas Wish List this year, Jayden can make it come true.

Good food, family, friends, the magic of a small town Christmas, and two people finding each other made Christmas Wish List a holiday treat. ~ Sharon – Simply Love Book Reviews



I love a feel good Christmas romance and N.R. Walker serves up a fantastic one in Christmas Wish List. A chef heads to the small town of Hartbridge to work for two weeks in a newly renovated bed and breakfast before he plans to move on once again, what he doesn’t expect is the inn’s owner to be so charming, welcoming, and a bit scattered as the countdown is on before his first guests arrive. These two while different in many ways were both searching for something, and before long they find it in each other. Good food, family, friends, the magic of a small town Christmas, and two people finding each other made Christmas Wish List a holiday treat.

Moving to America from Australia when he was just a kid, Jayden Turner now calls it home albeit he doesn’t really have a home, but he’s beginning to think he wants to find a place to settle down long term. Leaving his last job wasn’t an option for him so he’s thankful for the temporary job he found to tide him over during the holiday season where he prefers to be busy as he has no family and no friends to celebrate with. When he arrives in Hartbridge he feels like he’s driving through a holiday movie set, but getting lost trying to find his new job leaves him a bit defeated. Once he meets the owner who seems nice and sees the B&B he knows this is going to be a perfect short term job in an idyllic setting.

Coming back to Hartbridge after telling his wife he was gay and beginning work on the old manor turning it into a B&B has kept Cass Campion busy for the last year which is exactly what he needed. He will always love his ex-wife, but finally being true to himself was what he had to do. He’s thankful he and his ex have maintained a good relationship for the sake of their two children. With the B&B about to open and offering full meal service through the holiday season, he knew he needed to hire a chef. Jayden comes highly recommended and being that he arrived early is something Cass appreciates, seeing how hard he works and pitches in to get everything ready is a bonus. He can admit he’s attracted to Jayden but knows a relationship isn’t what is best for business.

These was much I loved about this story including the way Jayden just comes in and kind of takes over not only the kitchen but keeping Cass on track with the final touches on the inn. There was no doubt the attraction between them from the start, but Cass was pretty inexperienced and a bit freaked out with Jayden suggested they act on it. I liked the way their friendship evolved and how the heat between them grew. I loved seeing Cass as a dad and how easily Jayden jumped in to show the kids how to bake when they asked.

As Jayden endears himself not only to some of the locals, but the guests as well, Cass begins to wonder if they can make it long term despite Jayden’s intentions of moving on. While there was this bit of “will he stay or go” this wasn’t an overly angst filled book and in fact I found I loved the way Jayden helped Cass work through his feelings of being out and living his best life.

I loved every sweet and sexy minute of Christmas Wish List.

5 Stars

About N.R. Walker

N.R. Walker is an Australian author, who loves her genre of gay romance. She loves writing and spends far too much time doing it, but wouldn’t have it any other way. She is many things; a mother, a wife, a sister, a writer. She has pretty, pretty boys who live in her head, who don’t let her sleep at night unless she gives them life with words.

She likes it when they do dirty, dirty things… but likes it even more when they fall in love.

She used to think having people in her head talking to her was weird, until one day she happened across other writers who told her it was normal. She’s been writing ever since.

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