Autry’s review ~ The Wedding Ringer by Kerry Rea

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Autry’s review ~ The Wedding Ringer by Kerry ReaThe Wedding Ringer by Kerry Rea
Published by Penguin on November 10, 2021
Genres: Fiction / Romance / Contemporary, Fiction / Romance / Romantic Comedy, Fiction / Women
Pages: 368
Format: ARC, eBook, Paperback
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3.5 Stars

A woman who wants nothing to do with love or friendship finds both in the unlikeliest ways in this hilarious and heartwarming debut by Kerry Rea.

Once upon a time, Willa Callister was a successful blogger with a good credit score, actual hobbies, and legs that she shaved more than once a month. But after finding her fiancé in bed with her best friend, she now spends her days performing at children's birthday parties in a ball gown that makes her look like a walking bottle of Pepto Bismol. Willa dreams of starting fresh, where no one knows who she used to be, but first she needs to save up enough money to make it happen.

Maisie Mitchell needs something too: another bridesmaid for her wedding. After a chance encounter at a coffee shop, Maisie offers to pay Willa to be in her bridal party. Willa wants nothing to do with weddings--or Maisie--but the money will give her the freedom to start the new life she so badly desires.

Willa's bridesmaid duties thrust her into Maisie's high-energy world and into the path of hotshot doctor Liam Rafferty. But as Willa and Maisie form a real friendship, and Liam's annoyingly irresistible smile makes her reconsider her mantra that all men are trash, Willa's exit strategy becomes way more complicated. And when a secret from Maisie's past threatens to derail the wedding, Willa must consider whether friendship--and romance--are worth sticking around for.

A budding relationship with a few twists! ~ Autry – Simply Love Book Reviews



The Wedding Ringer was a nice story with a slow build up on the romance. Willa and Liam eventually make it past the friend zone but not without some setbacks.

Willa was on top of the world with her blog, lifestyle, engagement and wedding planning. Until her best friend did the unthinkable and ruined it all. Willa began searching for a way to get out of town and do it without looking back. Maisie provides Willa with an opportunity to make some quick cash, Liam was not part of the plan.

Pediatrician Liam was nowhere near looking for a new relationship, saving kids is his passion. Watching and planning his best friend’s wedding was enough to remind him why he never wanted to try again. Learning more and more about Maisie’s new bridesmaid, Willa has all of his attention.

Willa and Liam have a very slow start to their relationship, it definitely took a while for it to develop from hatred to maybe friends and then on to friends to lovers. It took a while for Liam to become the clear person of interest for Willa, the plot seemed to waiver back and forth between the developing friendship with Maisie and the developing relationship with Liam as to which it focused on more. There was a small crew of characters, well developed with realistic relationships. I did struggle with connecting to any of the characters and the pace was slower moving than I am drawn to. Overall, I feel like this could be a nice, enjoyable read for an afternoon or evening, but it will probably not be a reread for me.

3.5 Stars

Posted November 15, 2021 by Sharon in Autry, Mainstream, Reviews / 0 Comments