Sharon’s review ~ Dirty Little Midlife by Lilian Monroe

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Sharon’s review ~ Dirty Little Midlife by Lilian MonroeDirty Little Midlife Debacle by Lilian Monroe
Published by Independently Published on October 4, 2021
Genres: Contemporary, Fiction, Friends to Lovers, Later in Life, Romance, Seasoned Romance, Second Chance Romance
Pages: 274
Format: eBook, Kindle Unlimited
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4 Stars

Fallon Richter left town six months ago with the intention of never coming back.
Things...aren’t going according to plan.

He’s back in the town of Heart’s Cove for one day only. He just wants one moment with the woman he can’t get out of his head. Just one conversation. One look.

But Jen is nowhere to be found.

Instead, Fallon discovers that Jen desperately needs a partner for her upcoming baking competition. If the showrunners don’t find someone to compete with her, she won't be able to participate.
She won’t be able to win.

Volunteering to be Jen’s partner would be a terrible idea. A really, really bad move.
It would mean spending every waking moment with the woman who pushed him away.
Sleeping in the same room as her.
Being beside her for a whole month...yet not being able to touch her.


So when his mouth opens and the words “I’ll do it” fall out, he’s as shocked as everyone else.

And when Jen first lays her eyes on Fallon and realizes he’s her new teammate?
They both realize things are about to get a whole lot more complicated...

Secrets, shenanigans, sexy times, and more abound making Dirty Little Midlife Debacle an entertaining and engaging seasoned romance.



I’ve wanted this couple’s story since the 3rd book in this series and I enjoyed it a lot for the most part. Jen and Fallon have been circling each other for awhile but after one super hot kiss and a bit of a misunderstanding with his ex-girlfriend, Fallon left town and Jen’s cookbook has taken off. Participating in a Bake-Off type show is not something Jen really wants to do but for the publicity and the hundred grand prize she’s willing to put herself out there even is she has to share the prize money with her partner. Little does she realize that after her original partner is injured, Fallon steps in and now they will be working together as well as sharing a living space. What can go wrong?

I adored this couple and their very unique personalities and quirks. Jen is a bit of a control freak and micromanager but she is also very calm and understanding especially when Fallon is concerned. It was easy to see they both had very real and deep feelings for one another, but they both were scared to admit them and get involved. Jen because she was worried Fallon would leave again and Fallon because of his past, something Jen knows nothing about and he feels he’s not good enough for her. The fact is neither one wants the other one to change, they like who they are just fine.

This was a busy story between the Bake-Off, new characters coming into town, and both Jen and Fallon dealing with their families and at times I felt the romance got a bit lost in the story. I would have liked more time with Jen and Fallon alone together talking, dating, enjoying each other’s company but a lot of those scenes were kind of glossed over we were just told they spent that time together but we didn’t see it.

As always I loved Jen’s gang of friends who have been there for each other through it all, everyone should be so lucky as to have this type of support.

Secrets, shenanigans, sexy times, and more abound making Dirty Little Midlife Debacle an entertaining and engaging seasoned romance.

4 Stars

About Lilian Monroe

Lilian Monroe is a contemporary romance author. She loves to add elements of suspense and mystery into her novels while making sure to deliver that oh-so-satisfying happily ever after (as well as lots of oh-so-satisfying moments along the way).

Initially writing in her free time, she developed a love for storytelling and romance and slowly started sharing her stories with her friends. Making the leap to novels was exciting and challenging, and she immediately fell in love with the entire process. She thoroughly enjoys every aspect of writing from conception to editing to publication.

Lilian has lived all over the world: Canada, Australia and Thailand, to name a few. She spends her days writing and teaching English, and daydreaming about the next male lead to star in her books.

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