Sharon’s review ~ Dirty Little Midlife Disaster by Lilian Monroe

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Sharon’s review ~ Dirty Little Midlife Disaster by Lilian MonroeDirty Little Midlife Disaster by Lilian Monroe
Series: Heart's Cove Hotties #4
Published by Independently Published on Sept. 6, 2021
Genres: Contemporary, Family Life, Fiction, Later in Life, Marriage & Divorce, Romance, Seasoned Romance, Single Parent Romance, Women's Fiction
Pages: 239
Format: eBook, Kindle Unlimited
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4.5 Stars

Sizzling-hot and seriously funny. Who said your forties couldn’t be both?
Katrina Viceroy is a recently divorced mother of two, and the proud new owner of a flat tire… until leather-clad motorcycle hottie, Mac Blair, arrives to save the day.

Mac is the exact opposite of Trina’s ex-husband. He’s got bad boy etched into every line of his muscular body, for one. Not to mention that gravelly, deep voice he uses to order her around.

Things like, “Swing that pretty leg over my bike,” and, “Hold on tight,” and, “Here’s my number; call me.”

When he’s got her frazzled and panting, Mac just...rides off.

Honestly, the nerve!
Apropos nothing, does anyone have a phone she can borrow?

The old Trina would have ignored the phone number burning a hole in her pocket, but the new and improved (read: divorced) Trina?

She’s calling. Even if it ends up being a total disaster.

Spoiler alert: it most certainly does.

Author Lilian Monroe surprised and delighted me once again; a newly divorced single mom of two and the hot biker dude who both are so much more than their outside personas. I loved this one! ~ Sharon – Simply Love Book Reviews



I love loved the Heart’s Cove Hotties series from the start and I was excited about this new release but I’m also going to admit that I was several chapters in and I felt like this one was going down a very predictable road and I was so disappointed. I told myself to keep reading and I’m so glad I did, yes there were some twists and turns in this story but they were anything but predictable and author Lilian Monroe surprised and delighted me once again. A newly divorced single mom of two and the hot biker dude who both are so much more than their outside personas. I loved this one!

After years of being unappreciated and made to feel less than by her ex-husband Trina has moved to Heart’s Cove with her mother and two kiddos to be closer to her sister. She’s feeling a bit adrift but feels that once they are able to move into her sister’s old home after the repairs from the fire she had, gets her children started in school and activities, she’ll be able to concentrate on getting a job. What she doesn’t expect is an exchange with Mac, a biker, outside a club to remind her that she is more than a mother and wife.

Mac is surprised by his reaction to Trina, while he’s had his share of women he has never one get close enough to hurt him, but something about Trina calls to him and he hopes that she’ll come back to his Dad’s bar and find him again.

Things I really appreciated about this book were Trina never bad mouthing her ex-husband to the kids despite the fact her ex was a piece of work and Trina not introducing her children to Mac when they first begin to start their flirtation because she doesn’t want to confuse them. She puts her children first and I have to admire that about her even when it’s a difficult choice. I loved that Mac built Trina up from the start and understood the things she did were what was best for her children. I hated that Mac never had that talk with Trina about why he thought he’d always be alone and the pain he still carried from his mother leaving, but I also feel that despite the hurt it caused when she backed off from their relationship he couldn’t fault her because she was a good mother.

While it was understandable why Trina’s ex-husband was brought into the story since he does have one weekend a month with his kids, I felt like at times his reaction was over the top. I also felt bringing in a woman Mac slept with once was a bit contrived and added unnecessary angst.

I loved the way Trina came alive in this story, watching her go from the beaten down ex-wife to believing in herself and her ability to take care of herself and her children was a thing of beauty. I loved the chemistry between Trina and Mac; it was off the charts and even when they were apart it was easy to see neither one was getting over the other easily. In fact I think that time apart just made them both realize how special the other one was and make them miss each other more. Mac’s reaction to Trina’s ex-husband’s art was a bit over the top but also a bit of comic relief.

Fun and flirty yet sassy and sexy, Dirty Little Midlife Disaster was an amazing addition to this strong series.


4.5 Stars

About Lilian Monroe

Lilian Monroe is a contemporary romance author. She loves to add elements of suspense and mystery into her novels while making sure to deliver that oh-so-satisfying happily ever after (as well as lots of oh-so-satisfying moments along the way).

Initially writing in her free time, she developed a love for storytelling and romance and slowly started sharing her stories with her friends. Making the leap to novels was exciting and challenging, and she immediately fell in love with the entire process. She thoroughly enjoys every aspect of writing from conception to editing to publication.

Lilian has lived all over the world: Canada, Australia and Thailand, to name a few. She spends her days writing and teaching English, and daydreaming about the next male lead to star in her books.

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