Shadow’s review ~ Tamed by Her Daddies by Lucky Moon

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Shadow’s review ~ Tamed by Her Daddies by Lucky MoonTamed By Her Daddies by Lucky Moon
Published by Independently Published on September 28, 2021
Genres: Age-Gap Romance, BDSM, Erotic, Fiction, Kink Romance, Multiple Partners, Romance
Format: ARC, eBook
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4.5 Stars

They swore they’d never share anything again. Until they met her…

Nate is a hot-headed dominant with a protective nature he swears doesn’t exist. Edan is a demanding perfectionist, who’s desperate to bring out his nurturing side for the right girl. The two men were childhood best friends, but — following a broken promise and a shared tragedy — they became sworn enemies.

Now they’re competing against each other, head to head, on a ranch in Texas. As long as they keep out of each other’s way, they figure, they’ll avoid a punch-up.

But there’s something they didn’t bargain on. More like someone. When they discover a sexy, feisty intruder on their land, Nate and Edan must unite over what’s to be done with her. The girl clearly needs protection — and discipline.

Damaged by her difficult upbringing, fiercely independent June is on a mission for self-discovery. That mission definitely doesn’t involve two bossy alpha males telling her what to do.

Except… there’s something about these two men that appeals to June’s wild side. Before she knows it, she’s making discoveries about herself she never expected. Discoveries like: rules aren’t always made to be broken. And twice the Daddies means twice the rules.

But can Nate and Edan share nicely?

This is a HOT MFM romance featuring consenting adults who are perfect for each other. The heroine ends up with not one but both of her doting Daddies. It includes age play and spanking, plenty of adrenaline, a ton of heart, and a full-blooded Happy Ever After. Why choose? 😉 Enjoy!

There were some funny moments as well as some touching ones and the story made a rousing start to a new series. ~ Shadow – Simply Love Book Reviews



Tamed by her Daddies is an entertaining read by Lucky Moon, the beginning of a series about reviving a ghost town called Liberty, Texas.

June considers herself a free spirit, whose goal in life is to help birds. She hoped to earn a degree to become an ornithologist, but unable to handle the rigidity of a college program, she quit school and began wandering around the country. When she came across a nest of rare birds in a Texas ghost town, she took up residence to help out the parents. What she didn’t know was that Haze had purchased the entire abandoned town and had a competition between Nate and Edan to see which one of them would get the land.

The two former best friends, but now mortal enemies, had to live in the town while setting up a farm and a ranch. Edan, a plant specialist, was to establish the farm, while Nate was tired of working on his uncle’s ranch without a break and without pay in hopes his uncle would leave him the land, and was supposed to establish a ranch on the property. Whoever did better was to become the owner of the Texas property. As soon as the two men are left in the abandoned town, they discover June living in a treehouse on the property. During an argument, they destroy, the treehouse and June sprains her ankle during a subsequent fall. As the two men care for her, they come to realize that June is a Little and that their argument no longer matters. But can they convince June to be their Little girl and share her?

There were some funny moments as well as some touching ones and the story made a rousing start to a new series.

4.5 Stars

About Lucky Moon

Hi there! I’m Lucky. Thank you for looking at my page!

I write cute, HOT, romantic, age play and diaper lover stories. Each one is just short enough to be read in one sitting, and just long enough to give you a satisfying happy ever after.

All the characters in my stories are consenting adults who are looking for that special person to be themselves with. I’m a big fan of instalove, and like nothing more than watching two people who were just meant to be together find each other.

Oh, and I like cats. Like, really like them…

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