Kitty’s review ~ Squatch (Rolling Thunder MC Birmingham #4) by Candace Blevins

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Candace Blevins knows how to write an interesting, intriguing and erotic novel. ~ Kitty – Guilty Pleasures Book Reviews




The men of the Rolling Thunder MC take care of their own, and that includes employees. When Kitty finds herself in a jam, she calls on Squatch for help — not because she thinks he’ll be able to help her more than the other bikers, but because she trusts him the most.

Squatch has always been partial to the little tiger shifter who dances like liquid sex onstage, yet is so bashful when she isn’t working, but the unspoken code is that the brothers don’t date their employees. However, while Squatch helps Kitty with her little problem, the two spend more time together than either anticipated, and sparks fly between the tiger and the wolf.

But Kitty has a history she didn’t share with the bikers when they hired her, and when her past catches up to her, she doesn’t trust even Squatch enough to ask for his help. She thinks her only option is to run, but she doesn’t know wolves mate for life, and Squatch’s wolf has claimed her.




Where to start with Squatch and Kitty? There was so much that happened in this story that caught my attention and held it that I don’t know where to go with the review. The story isn’t complicated but it was extremely interesting. I loved the concept, the family aspect and overcoming your past.

Squatch and Kitty were an unlikely couple but, they found a way to make it work. A tiger stripper with secrets that aren’t hers to tell. A man that needs to know how to protect her to tame the wolf within him. Kitty had issues that haunted her. With the help of new friends, a vampire and Squatch, she’s able to to come to terms with her past and with the way that she was raised. She’s now able to understand her need for domination. She’s able to open her heart and love the way she wants to love.

Squatch needs to understand what is happening with Kitty. His wolf needs to protect her and there is no way to do that without the whole story. When he does find out, there is nothing that he won’t do to keep her safe, to help her gain her freedom and to love her that way that she deserves. Yes, he has some inner obstacles that he has to come to terms with and they find a way, together, to live with her need for independence and stripping. But, bringing the family together … overcoming the problems within the family … the truth about what really was happening … that’s what drew me in the most. I loved that Kitty was her own woman, stuck up for what she wanted and believed it; stood her ground when most would buckle. Yes, she had a lot of support and her strength was tested several times but, she did what she needed to do to help her people, the women and girls within her extended family.

I love that Candace brings in characters from other stories, other series and makes them integral parts of the current story. Kirsten, my Lion King (God, I love him) and a few other’s made me smile … it was nice catching up with them and seeing them within different settings. Candace knows how to tell us an interesting story and bring in the erotica right with it. The scenes in this story were wonderfully written. She knew just how to show us Kitty’s need for dominance and Squatch’s need to dominate and dole out the pain. She just knows how to write this right in with a love story that had me smiling. And, unlike some stories, the sex scenes weren’t thrown in for shock or just for the sake of having sex … they meant something, they added to the story and the love that they had for each other. But, I don’t expect anything less from Candace Blevins. She knows how to write an interesting, intriguing and erotic novel.

5 stars

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Posted September 17, 2020 by Sharon in Kitty, MC Romances, Paranormal, Purest Delight, Reviews / 0 Comments