Kitty’s review ~ Unmeasured (Unmatched Book 1) by Alyssa Turner

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Intriguing and dramatic. Unmeasured is the beginning of one emotional and interesting story. ~ Kitty – Guilty Pleasures Book Reviews




It’s not everyday you meet a submissive that earns the title of queen. It’s even more rare to find a Dom that can handle her properly…let alone four of them. Even in Paris, the daughter of United States corporate royalty doesn’t belong with a Russian mafia prince, but she’s a fearless and inexperienced submissive about to rewrite all the rules for the Masters at Club Duval.

Obsession over obligation.
Pleasure over pain.
Submission over sensibility.
Courage over consequences.

Note: This book contains detailed, darkly romantic scenes involving multiple partners. It is a slow burn that turns nuclear on the hotness scale and contains elements of BDSM.




I was totally entranced with this book from the minute I started reading it.  I understood each of the characters and the reasons behind who they were and what they were doing.  The character development, from the beginning of the story, was extraordinary.   Oleg, Henri, Paolo, Ivan and even the elusive Alexander intrigued me right from the start.  But, this story is the beginning of Samantha’s submissiveness and Oleg’s need to dominate her.

A woman who has no fear and a man who is unwilling, at first, to show her that she has something to fear from him and each of the Dom’s at Club Duval … that’s the beginning of this wonderful love story.  But, what transpires as the story goes on, is what truly matters.

Samantha may finally have found what it is that’s been missing in her life.  It takes being taken under the wings of four men for her to find her inner peace.  But, she is also a woman with a mind of her own that does not like being told what to do.  Unless she hears the words “good girl”. Oleg is loyal to his family … both blood and not.  His “brothers” will always come first but he has an obligation to his uncle that can destroy everything that he has built for himself and his brothers.  He’s willing to do whatever it takes to get to the man that killed his parents, even marry an addict.  Until he meets Samantha …  his Lionceau.  His world is turned upside down.  He’s now truly in debt to his uncle, entrenched deeper into his world.  But, it’s worth it to have Samantha call him Master.

Cliffhanger alert … with the story and with my review.


5 stars


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Posted June 8, 2020 by Slick Reads in #KindleUnlimited, BDSM, Cliffhanger, Erotic, Kindle Unlimited, Kitty, Purest Delight, Reviews / 0 Comments