Kitty’s review ~ Royally Broken by Elle Boon

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Filled with grit, compassion and love, Royally Broken was a wonderful story. ~ Kitty – Guilty Pleasures Book Reviews




She was the good girl who desired the bad boy. He left the small town that tried to kill him to become someone better. Life don’t always turn out the way you’d planned but these two will need more than grit to survive when fate brings them back together.



Dear Gawd … I didn’t know if I should cry for Keys or just pity him. What a life he had. The one constant in his life was Palmer and now she needs his help.

I was drawn into this story right from the beginning. Keys got me right in the heart and I couldn’t wait to find out how everything would transpire, where his trip “home” would really take him. Well, it brought him right into the arms of the only woman who ever showed him any compassion. Now, it’s his turn to be there for her and Hoss. He just needs to clean up the mess of a town that he grew up in and maybe get a little revenge in while he’s at it. Palmer never got over Silas. He was her first love even though he never touched her, never came on to her. Oh, she understood why but was totally taken aback when he just disappeared after graduation. Now, she knows the truth about him and what was taken from him and it’s time to reach out and bring him back. He’s the only one who may be able to help her get to the bottom of what is really going on.

Palmer and Keys were wonderful. She was one strong woman and he may have been a Bastard but was putty in Palmer and Jaxson’s hands. Tough when she needed to be … submissive when she needed to be. She was the perfect match for Keys and there was nothing that he would do to make sure they stay together, forever.

Royally Broken was wonderful. The characters were gritty yet comical. The story line was interesting, exciting, fast-paced and dark. There was a little blood shed and a little story about the Littles. But, there was a whole lot of compassion, a whole lot of love and a bunch of bikers that would do anything to protect their woman and the innocent. I was totally taken with Royally Broken.


5 stars


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Posted June 25, 2020 by Sharon in Kitty, Mainstream, MC Romances, Purest Delight, Reviews / 0 Comments