Kitty’s review Royally Tempted (A Royal Sons MC Book 3)

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Elle Boon has really drawn me into the Royal Sons MC world with Royally Taken and Royally Tempted. ~ Kitty – Guilty Pleasures Book Reviews



(This review is for both Royally Taken (book 2) and Royally Tempted (book 3))




I had to review the Royal Sons books 2 and 3 together. They actually run simultaneously so it would definitely be easier to explain and review. I would suggest reading Royally Taken first so you understand who some of the characters are. You can get that book in The Dirty Dozen MC Edition. Then sit back and enjoy Royally Tempted.

There are so many characters within these two books that are absolutely fascinating, interesting and fun. We should start with Traeger and Kailani but need to explain Ayesha and King at the same time. Like I said, the stories do run together. If it wasn’t for Ayesha, there wouldn’t be a Traeger and Kailani. And, if it wasn’t for King, Traeger would not have been involved. Oh, then there’s Tiana … the real person that brought them all together.

Confused yet? Don’t be. When you read both books, you’ll understand how they all come together. Ayesha goes to King for help in finding her sister Tiana. Of course, she showed up at the wrong time and seriously thinks twice about what she’s done. But, she had no choice. Tiana is her world and can’t fathom what life would be like without her sister. King turns her down at first and, when he does agree to help her, it’s with conditions. He’s hoping she agrees to them because it’s his way or no way. Condition 1 … she’s staying in his home until everything is over with. Now, to get Traeger and the rest of the MC on the road to one of the most dangerous missions they will go on.

Traeger is like a shadow. He knows how to blend in and take someone out with one shot or one twist of the neck. But, he never went on a mission that would have him so out in the open, a target for two evil men. He has who they want back and will stop at nothing to get her (them). Enter the enticing and driven Kailani. She wants out of the family … she wants nothing more than to save another girl from her brother and father. She has a plan but, even the best laid plans go awry. And, why is she so attracted to Traeger? Is she going from the frying pan into the fire with him? Or, will he show her love in a way that she’s never been shown before? Traeger wants nothing more than to get in, get his mark and get out. Why did the enticing Kailani get in the way? Why can’t he get his mind out of her pants? Will she agree to his plan or run? In the end, he finds out that there is more to this beautiful woman than just her looks … she’s determined, feisty and just the right woman for him. Now to deal with her family.

Once the extraction is done, King has no choice but to give Ayesha his next order. Both Ayesha and Trina are on lock-down. In his house. Neither of them are to leave the MC compound. And, unless Ayesha stops looking at him like that, she’s in his bed. He’s never had any desire to have an Ol’ Lady and has no idea why but he knows she’s his and he’ll do whatever it takes to keep her and protect her. But, she can hold her own … just ask Mack. As all the parties come together and the MC comes face to face with Rico and his men, King knows that there is no other woman for him … Ayesha has learned to trust and love King and his crazy crew … Tiana is safe and happy … Traeger and Kailani have a long life ahead of them and Duke … well, he’s going Places.

Elle Boon is a master at fun and interesting paranormal romances where here sense of humor really comes out. But, her MC series is truly riveting. There is still some wittiness but she’s just as talented writing serious, sexy novels as well. Traeger and Kailani’s story (Royally Taken) was a novella but she let us get to know the characters and fall in love with them. I really enjoyed Ayesha and King, how she brought them together, how she kept them together. I loved that he was able to gain her trust and she was able to give him what he needed. And, it was done seamlessly. This is another side of Elle Boon that I will truly enjoy. I’ll always love her paranormal stories but she really drew me into the Royal Sons MC and can’t wait to read the next in the series.

5 stars

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