Kc Lu’s review & series spotlight ~ Steady Beat by Lexxie Couper

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This book totally sucked me in until I was finished! ~Kc Lu – Guilty Pleasures Book Reviews




Keeping the beat with a pair of drumsticks helps Noah Holden focus. Without that focus, his ADHD makes life a little chaotic. And being the drummer in a famous rock band brings its own form of chaos.

Peppa Kerrigan has the voice of an angel and an encyclopedic knowledge of music. If only she didn’t have that pesky stage fright getting in the way…not to mention the distracting off-the-charts chemistry with the drummer of the band she’s auditioning for.

With Peppa in his arms, Noah finds a strange kind of serenity, an ability to control his stormy creative energy. But when his wild past catches up with him, he could lose it all, including the smoky-voiced angel he’s falling for—the one woman who keeps his mind and his heart staying on rhythm.




Steady Beat is book four in the Heart of Flame series by Lexxie Couper, and it centers around the drummer from Nick Blackthorne’s former band, Noah Holden. Besides being an ubber sexy drummer Noah fights daily with his ADHD, and only being behind his drums ever calms him down until he meets the sexy Pepper Kerrigan.

Pepper fights her ungodly shyness to approach Noah, and uses her talents at music trivia to get him to allow her to addition to be the new lead singer and replace Nick Blackthorne. Noah bets her a kiss that she will not beat him, but is shocked that she beats the socks off him. The chemistry between them is downright explosive, so she gives him that kiss anyway. Now she just has to sing in front of not only Noah, but the whole band. Not an easy task for a girl that fights shyness every day.

Noah and the band are blown away by Pepper’s voice, but with the offer of doing a gig to see how they work as a band Pepper decides to keep Noah a distance. She refuses to be the groupie that slept her way to lead singer, but can she resist the chemistry between them for long??

This book totally sucked me in until I was finished. I absolutely loved the way that Lexxie handled Noah’s ADHD. It wasn’t something that was glossed over or just added to fill the plot. This is a truly believable glimpse into the mind of someone that suffers with it. As a gal with ADD myself, I found myself with some of the same issues as Noah, and truly appreciated the way that she told his story. And LAWD do Noah and Pepper set your e-reader on fire!! I am absolutely adoring this series!!! They shouldn’t be missed. But don’t feel like you can’t read just this one, each of the books can be read as a standalone. But you would be missing the greatness that is the others. I hope you love this book and series as much as I have!! 🙂


5 stars


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