Kitty’s review ~ Chicago’s Chosen (Vampire Vignettes) by Mary Hughes

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This short story really brought a smile to my face. Mary Hughes always amuses me with her vampires. ~ Kitty – Guilty Pleasures Book Reviews




I’m Adele, a human new to Chicago. Tottering on the brink of bankruptcy, I desperately need a job with Knight Industries, owned by rich vampire and city master Damien Knight. So when a not-quite-aboveboard invite for a party at Knight’s place comes from my best friend, I jump on it.

At the party, a dark, mysterious vampire catches me in a fib, making my stomach flip. He’s about to throw me out, but with nothing to lose I steel my nerves and ask him for a tour of Knight’s business first. To my utter shock, he agrees and takes me away from the noise of the party. On the plus side, I’ll get to see KI and maybe learn enough to get my coveted job. On the minus, I’m all alone with a dangerous predator, and he’s looking intently at my neck…

And when I find out who my tour guide really is, it leads to a whole lot more than I bargained for…

Mary Hughes always make me smile with her vampires. They could be tough as nails on the outside but pussycats on the inside. Damien Knight was no different. And, what a perfect match Adele is for him. 

So, what is a Vignette? Well, it’s a short, delicately memorable scene. In other words … a quick and easy read. And, if you have ever read Mary Hughes before, you know that it won’t be lacking for anything. Damien was wonderful. Yes, he’s the Master of Chicago and can be very intimidating but he’s found new life when he meets Adele. Things come into perspective for him and is looking at things a little differently now. Adele is just looking to make money for her Master and his family. She’s not looking for trouble or romance. But, she finds both. Trouble dating the Master of Chicago. Romance dating the Master of Chicago. But, how does she tell her heart that she can’t see him. She knows that it’s an uneven pairing but he does something that just melts her heart. Now, there’s no way for her to say no to him.

Yes, this was a very short story but filled with a little bit of everything. Mary left me hanging though. I want to know what happens between Damien and Adele. I. Wanted. More. So, hopefully, we’ll see more of them in the future and we’ll see just where the first date leads them.


5 stars

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Posted July 29, 2019 by Sharon in Kitty, Paranormal, Purest Delight, Reviews / 0 Comments