Slick’s review – Melting For You: Neighborhood Shindig #1 by A.M. Arthur

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Entertaining and fun with interesting characters in both primary and secondary roles, I loved Melting For You! ~ Slick, Guilty Pleasures Book Reviews


Blurb: After his father’s heart attack, Isaiah Morrell gave up cooking in his own high-end Atlanta restaurant to return home to Reynolds, North Carolina, in order to help his father Thomas heal and to keep an eye on his business Neighborhood Shindig. A collection of food trucks and other small businesses, Shindig is a popular destination in this college town, but Isaiah longs for the fast pace of a big-city kitchen. Until he meets Joel…

Joel Fisher has been out of commission from a serious illness for the better part of a year, but now he’s ready to reclaim his life—except his apartment has been sublet, his partner is missing, and their shared food truck is stripped of everything not attached. In short, Joel has nothing. After an uncomfortable night sleeping on the food truck floor, Isaiah and Thomas Morrell give Joel an offer he can’t refuse: a rented room in their house, as well as their help creating a new food truck concept. Joel hates accepting charity, but he’s hit rock bottom and has nowhere to go but up.

Working with seemingly uptight Isaiah is actually pretty fun, and the pair bonds over a challenge to create a unique grilled cheese sandwich. Light flirting melts into a deeper connection neither man expects, but Isaiah isn’t in Reynolds for much longer, and Joel can’t get attached to the gorgeous professional chef. As Isaiah’s feelings for Joel strengthen and grow, he entertains the idea of staying in Neighborhood Shindig for good—but Joel hasn’t asked him too…

Welcome to Neighborhood Shindig, a friendly place where you can snack on a lamb kebab while getting your hair done, pick up your favorite herbal tea blend, and then go listen to live music under the pavilion. We’re happy to have you.


A series set in an area designed to give small business owners a chance and give food truck owners a permanent place to reside is the setting for A.M. Arthur’s latest series Your Neighborhood Shindig. Melting For You starts this series off on a high note and I love the sense of community that Ms. Arthur has developed filled with all kinds of interesting characters.

Returning to Reynolds, North Carolina after a debilitating illness, Joel Fisher finds his business partner and sometime personal partner has left him homeless and run their food truck business into the ground as well as stealing their equipment. Despondent, Joel is terrified but he know he must do everything he can to get up and running again he just doesn’t expect help from Isaiah Morrell someone he went to elementary school with and the son of the owner of Neighborhood Shindig. A successful chef and part owner of a restaurant in Atlanta, Isaiah Morrell came home following his father’s heart attack to not only keep an eye on his dad’s recovery, but to help manage his father’s business. Finding Joel has been swindled and visibly shaken, Isaiah sets out to help him get back on his feet. It was easy to like both these characters from that start even when Isaiah was giving off a bit off a holier than thou attitude. I admired Joel for being determined to not only wanting to pick himself up and move forward, but his determination to do it without any help from his parents.

Isaiah and his father Thomas were good men who despite their estrangement found a purpose in helping Joel get back on his feet giving them a path to repair their relationship. There was obvious attraction between Isaiah and Joel and their relationship did progress rather quickly, but it was also pretty organic which I appreciated. There was no huge drama or contrived plot, they simply enjoyed one another’s company and built on it.

As this was the first book in the series Ms. Arthur spent a bit of time setting up the series and introducing the characters but what I appreciated was that it never got in the way of the relationship that was being built.

4.5 stars

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