Slick’s review Burning For You: Neighborhood Shindig #2 by A.M. Arthur

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Despite the fact the relationship felt rushed in Burning For You, I still enjoyed this book on many levels. ~ Slick – Guilty Pleasures Book Reviews


Bran Foxwell has crushed on Joel Fisher from afar for years, and now that Joel is happily in love with another guy, Bran has lost his chance. But when uber-sexy Keenan Pratt stumbles over an upset Bran, it’s the perfect opportunity for a no-strings hookup. Except sex with Keenan is hotter and more intense than Bran ever imagined, and despite their no-strings agreement, both men agree to an actual date.

As the middle triplet, Keenan Pratt is devoted to his brothers and they’ve spent the last ten years supporting and protecting each other. When Keenan has the chance to screw around with his own long-time crush Bran, it’s an itch he can’t wait to scratch. But there’s chemistry there neither of them expects and, slowly but surely, what should have been a single hookup turns into more.

But when their family is targeted, the Pratt brothers circle the wagons hard, and Keenan pulls away from Bran exactly when he should be leaning on the other man. Bran wants to be there for Keenan, but old habits run deep and if Keenan can’t learn to trust, he risks losing the best relationship he’s ever had.

Welcome to Neighborhood Shindig, a friendly place where you can snack on a lamb kebab while getting your hair done, pick up your favorite herbal tea blend, and then go listen to live music under the pavilion. We’re happy to have you.

I loved the first book in A.M. Arthur’s Neighborhood Shindig and while I liked Burning for You, for me I never really felt the intensity between these two characters who spent a good deal of this book trying to figure out if they wanted to be together.

Keenan and his brothers run the nacho food truck in the Shindig and he has had his eye on Bran one of the owners of the taco truck, but he also knows Bran has been harboring a crush on another man who just recently made it know he is in a relationship Finding Bran drinking alone one night late after the Shindig has closed Keenan offers Bran so no strings fun in order to help him get over the guy. Keenan is more than interested in Bran, but is willing to take what he can get.

I liked Keenan a lot, it was clear he was dedicated to his brother and their business and honestly a good guy. It took me a bit longer to warm up to Bran, but he had his reasons for being closed off and I did enjoy seeing him come out of his shell with Keenan. They went from one night stand to dating to falling in love in what seemed the blink of an eye and I needed more time to make it believable. Don’t get me wrong, I liked both men and I liked them together, but Bran was so closed off that his about face just seemed out of character.

What I really loved about this story is that when one of Keenan’s brothers ends up in the hospital following an attack, all of the Shindig merchants band together to help them through a tough time. While there was some camaraderie in the first book, in this book I became apparent that these people have each other’s backs, they have become somewhat of a family, and I am really looking forward to more books in this series.

Despite the fact the relationship felt rushed in Burning For You, I still enjoyed this book on many levels and can’t wait to see who finds love in the next book.

4 stars

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Posted June 27, 2019 by Slick Reads in GLBT, LGBTQIA, Sharon/Slick / 0 Comments

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