Rosalie’s Review – Masquerade (Corporate Heat #3) by Desiree Holt

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This thriller will have you sweating bullets and reaching for the ice to cool yourself down at the same time!!! ~ Rosalie, Guilty Pleasures 

Hunting a murderer is hot work, in more ways than one.

Lindsey Califaro, second in command at Elite Marketing, is suspicious when her boss is killed in a one car accident. She’s had a funny feeling about things around the agency for a while and now her spidey senses are going haywire. Something is wrong and she’s determined to find out what.

John Martino, highly sought after forensic accountant, is sent by Arroyo to dig into Elite’s books and see if there is an answer there. He expects problems but what he doesn’t expect is to find a super smart hot female who pushes all his buttons and sends his sex drive into overload.

As the two dig into Elite’s books and Craig’s private life, they uncover a sordid trail of sex trafficking and drugs so extensive it shocks them. As they draw closer to the real head of the operation the heat between them rises in temperature and their feelings for each other explode.

As they work to blow open the criminal enterprise, their relationship intensifies and John knows he must do everything to protect Lindsey from a master criminal.

Desiree Holt is one of my favorite authors, and I know in any of her books that I read, I can completely remove myself from my life and indulge myself into the words she writes. I read Masquerede, the third book in the Corporate Heat Book Series and boy is this book H O T!!

Lindsay Califaro finds out her boss, Craig Wainwright, at her job at Elite Marketing has been killed. With mystery surrounding the death, she still knows as second in command, she has to keep business going and get business done. But she also needs to know what happens. Calling in, forensic accountant, super sexy John Martino, comes in to look at the books to make sure nothing is fishy there. From the beginning, we as readers know that these two will be hard to keep apart.

The sparks that fly between the two, probably due to their past as well as the present, but we want them to work things out and find out what exactly happened to Wainwright.

This book is ice melting hot. The background of the characters and how their relationship left off only made their connections that much more explosive. This book is the third in the series, but can be read as a stand alone. Again, Ms. Holt knocked this one out of the ballpark.

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Posted January 17, 2019 by DiDi in Erotic, Purest Delight, Reviews, Rosalie Belle / 0 Comments

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