Autry’s Review – Hot Target Cowboy (Dark Horse Cowboys #2) by June Faver

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Hot Target Cowboy is a fast paced country romance based on a heavy dose of suspense! ~ Autry, Guilty Pleasures Book Reviews


His loyalty is to his family.
But his heart belongs to her.

Eldest son Colt Garrett is the biggest, strongest and steadiest of the Garrett brothers. Colt accepts his responsibilities, knowing his future is tied to the land. Colt has stayed centered-but when he falls in love, he falls hard. He is mesmerized by Misty Dalton, the younger sister of one of his brother’s friends.

Misty Dalton has held together a family plagued with problems since her mother passed away. But when the threats to her family turn deadly, Misty turns to Colt. If anybody wants to hurt Misty, they’re going to have to go through the toughest of the Garrett boys first.

Colt is the oldest son born into a ranching family, he takes his responsibility for caring for his brothers and the livestock very serious. Unable to turn his back on anyone who needs help, Colton finds himself falling in love quickly with his neighbor. His neighbor, Misty, has trouble following her and brings it to Colt’s doorstep. A handsome, strong, animal lover who will fight for his love and protect her and hers until he can’t fight anymore. He fell head over heels for Misty and cannot wait to make her his. 

Misty has a tons of trouble that shes unaware of, only after death strikes her family twice does she give into Colt and come stay with him. Reaching rock bottom, Misty pulls herself together and finds a way to get back into the work force, society, and falling in love with Colt. Misty is young, inexperienced, and trying to mom to her brother. Working her way into the Dalton family proves to be a little rougher than she expected, her family name works against her and makes many people doubt her. 

Hot Target Cowboy is a very quick paced novel that has murder, secrets, romance and some spice. The plot has a few twist and turns but is easy to follow along with; the characters are well developed and relatable. Some readers could find the comments between Misty and Colt a little cheesy, but it does make for a sweet romance. The suspense seems like true small town suspense gone wrong. This novel could easily be recommended for someone who likes a tame romance based on suspense and family. 

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Posted January 2, 2019 by DiDi in Autry, Mainstream, Reviews / 0 Comments

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