Slick & Kitty’s Two-fer Review – Scoring off the Field (WAGS #2) by Naima Simone

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Scoring Off The Field had interesting characters but a story that left me wanting more. ~ Kitty, Guilty Pleasures 

Tennyson Clark is getting a life. First step: quitting her job as assistant to Dominic Anderson, star quarterback for the Washington Warriors, her best friend … and the man she’s been secretly in love with for years. But since the gorgeous, if overprotective playboy has only ever seen her as his BFF, she’s finally ready to relinquish her tattered fantasy and move on. Enter steps two and three: new job and new man.

Football is Dominic’s life, and with his contract soon up for renewal, all his focus needs to be on the game. But Tennyson—dependable, logical Tennyson— is making that next to impossible with her mysterious new job and her sudden interest in online dating. He doesn’t do relationships. But the thought of another man touching her sexier-than-hell curves has him suddenly wanting more from his best friend.

Indulging in hot, dirty, what’s-my-name sex with no strings and lots of benefits is simple, uncomplicated…until it’s not.

Each book in the WAGS series is STANDALONE:
* Scoring with the Wrong Twin
* Scoring Off the Field

Well, Scoring Off the Field was an interesting read. I was enjoying the story until I wasn’t anymore. Tenny and Dom could have been a power couple if they only tried a little harder to accept things for what they were.

Dom was a little overbearing, overprotective and arrogant. It took loosing the one steadfast person in his life to finally open his eyes to what was right in front of him. But, up until that time, it was all about him … his career, his life, his wants and his needs. He did play the woe-is-me card elegantly. Don’t get me wrong, he was hot but, his demeanor just turned me off.

As for Tenny … I am glad that she finally grew a set, took what she wanted and started living her life. Unfortunately, up until the time she did, she was a little whiny and annoying. She kept wanting something that she refused to reach for, kept listening to inner voices that steered her wrong. She, too, played the woe-is-me card right to the hilt and I kept rolling my eyes.

The saving grace was Dom finally coming to his senses, the way he proclaimed his love … Tennyson claiming her independence from him and accepting her life. This is what I looked forward to throughout the story.

I did have some other problems with the story. Mainly, the timelines were off and the story didn’t seem to flow seamlessly. I love strong, independent women so Tenny really didn’t draw me in. But, those are my feelings and yours could be different.

While there were moments of this book I really enjoyed, there were other moments I wanted more leaving me a bit unsatisfied as a reader. ~ Slick, Guilty Pleasures 

I’m a sucker for friends to lovers romances so I was excited when I read the synopsis for Scoring Off The Field and while I liked this story, something was missing for me. The characters were well developed, their friendship undeniable, but where the story kind of fell apart for me was that for two people who knew each other so well, I had a hard time believing they couldn’t read each other better or communicate better with one another. I get that the attraction was one sided at first, that their friendship was important to them, and that for the hero he loudly professed to anyone and everyone that football is the only love in his life, but even that felt off because it was easy to see that even as “just friends” the heroine who is his best friend, was someone he loved with his whole heart even if he only loved her as a friend. I’m not saying that this book wasn’t a good book because it was, but for me parts of it just didn’t ring true.

They day Tennyson (Tenny) Clark appeared in the foster home where Dominic (Dom) Anderson also lived, he knew that he would protect her with everything he had and he always has because she’s been there for him through so many changes and ups and downs in his life, but for Tenny that isn’t enough anymore. For years she’s watched women come and go out of Dom’s life and she can’t do it anymore, she loves him, wants to be his, but she knows she isn’t his type and no woman will ever replace football as his number one love. I really loved the friendship between these two and it was evident they had a somewhat co-dependent relationship and I admired Tenny for deciding she deserved to find her happy, to get a job that used her degrees Dom had paid for, and to find a man who would put her first and give her the love she deserved. I even understood it was hard for her to not give in to Dom when he refused to help her find a replacement PA because she was so in love with him. It would have even been easy to kind of hate Dom because he was a bit clueless in what was really behind Tenny’s reason for looking for employment elsewhere, but honestly he was a good guy. He’s looked after Tenny since he was 14 years old and had a hard time seeing her as anything other than his best friend and his family and I believe he really did have her best interests at heart; he just didn’t always do things in the right way.

What bothered me was that Dom prided himself on knowing when Tenny was lying, but he couldn’t see that she was head over heels in love with him, that his parade of women bothered her, and that she was unhappy. But he wasn’t the only one to blame, Tenny for years had been hiding her true feelings from Dom and that wasn’t fair to him. She often copped an attitude about something she didn’t like him doing, but never shared why it bothered her. I hated that despite how close they were with one another they didn’t communicate every effectively often resulting in them hurting one another. Even after they crossed the line to lovers, they still weren’t completely honest with each other and that was just so disappointing.

While there were moments of this book I really enjoyed, there were other moments I wanted more leaving me a bit unsatisfied as a reader.

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