ARC Review – Written in Ink (Montgomery Ink #4) by Carrie Ann Ryan

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Flirty, sexy, crazy with a bit of suspense thrown in for good measure I thoroughly enjoyed Written In Ink. ~ Slick, Guilty Pleasures

There’s nothing worse for a writer than missing a deadline. For Griffin Montgomery, his failure to do what he loves comes at a blow. He didn’t understand how it was affecting his life until his well-meaning family intercedes. His sisters have hired him a new personal assistant and he’s outraged—that is, until he sees who it is.

Autumn Minor is light on her feet and a bare memory for most people she meets. She does her best to blend in everywhere she lives, even if it’s only for a short period of time. Making sure no one truly notices her is the only way she’s survived this long. Only when she meets Griffin and the rest of the Montgomerys, she’s afraid she won’t be able to let go when its time to run.

Though the two begin a tentative but explosive relationship, they know it can’t last forever. Neither of them are made for the long haul when it comes to love and romance. When the demons from Autumn’s past find her and put both their lives at risk, Griffin will stop at nothing to protect her. In the end, though, he’ll be the one who needs a second chance.

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From the very first book in Carrie Ann Ryan’s Montgomery Ink series I was hook on this large, loveable and just a wee bit crazy family. I was thrilled that Written In Ink was Griffin’s story because he has always seemed to be a little on the “outside” of the family; as a writer he doesn’t work for the two family owned companies, he liked being alone and he is more reserved and closed off that his siblings, in other words he intrigued me deeply. Flirty, sexy, crazy with a bit of suspense thrown in for good measure I thoroughly enjoyed Written In Ink.

Griffin Montgomery has been struggling in his life; he’s running out of time to finish his book before deadline, his house is a wreck, his eating habits are out of control and he really isn’t managing his life very well. Between his siblings pairing off, having babies, one in rehab and his father’s cancer scare Griffin is out of sorts and he has no idea how to get off the merry go round that has become his life because the last thing he’ll admit to anyone is that he needs help. His family on the other hand begin to suspect and hire him an assistant, a woman who has worked with several family members and one that has peaked his interest but he fears having Autumn “Fall” Minor in his house will only make him more scattered.

First off I just want to say that I have loved Griffin from the start and watching him struggle and seeing him begin to understand just how out of control his life has become was hard because it is evident it is not a usual thing for him. He had some moments in this book where he brought out his inner a$$hole but what I loved is that Autumn didn’t let him get away with it for the most part. I liked Autumn from the start despite not knowing her very well and as her background and past life came to light I truly admired her for everything she dealt with not only at a young age but by being smart and taking control of her life. It was interesting watching her manage Griffin’s life just as it was interesting watching her let go of some of her control and learning to trust not only Griffin but the Montgomery clan as well.

One thing I have always loved about Ms. Ryan’s writing is the fact she injects normal everyday language into her stories. This gives them a realism you don’t often see in book and makes me feel as if I’m having a conversation with friends rather than reading a book.

Despite Autumn’s insistence she wouldn’t be around forever and Griffin’s issue with technically being her boss these two find it impossible to ignore the attraction between them and boy do they take advantage of it often! However, they also begin to really admire one another and their bond grows even stronger as they both learn to let go and trust.

We see most of the other siblings, their significant others, friends and their parents in this book and I’ll admit these were some of my favorite scenes. We also get a little peek into what (or should I say who) we can expect next in this series.

Written In Ink is fantastic addition to his big family series and it is everything I’ve come to expect from this author and more.


4.5 stars

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