ARC Review – A Kiss for a Highlander (Georgian Rebel #1) by Jane Godman

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Jane Godman has raised the bar with her, A Kiss for a Highlander; it is bursting at the seams with climatic scenes that keep the pages turning! ~ Autry, Guilty Pleasures 

A passion that burns away centuries of hate…

Stranded in the heart of England after Bonnie Prince Charlie’s hasty retreat, highlander Fraser Lachlan has sworn to stay by his injured friend’s side. But when a kindly English family takes Jack in to be cared for by the governess and healer at their Derbyshire estate, Fraser can only watch helplessly.

It’s just a matter of time before Jack is turned over to the Crown as a traitor, but Fraser’s attempt to rescue his friend is met with the blunt end of a candlestick.

Martha Wantage wears every reason she hates the Scots on her body—in the scars from a violent, fiery attack that killed her family. Now she has not only one unconscious Jacobite rebel at her mercy, but two. And she can’t resist cursing her enemy with the “kiss of hate”.

That kiss unleashes a storm of passion that rages quickly out of control. But with the legacy of Martha’s scars weighing heavy on her mind, and Fraser’s duty calling him to battle at Culloden, it may be too late to explore whether theirs is a desire born of hate…or love.

Warning: Contains a very sexy, masterful highlander and a demure, but defiant, governess who discovers the hard—very hard—way exactly what a Scotsman keeps under his kilt.

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Hiding out behind enemy lines has landed Fraser is quite a predicament. Unwilling to leave his comrade/best friend behind, Fraser is seeking relief to help mend wounds and provide shelter until they are able to ride on. He never planned to find himself wanting to spend more time with the plain, ill-tempered Martha. He has plans for Martha and they were far from friendly to start with, making her life as miserable as possible was his goal. Before he was able to move along behind enemy lines he found himself falling liking Martha more and more, the only problem was getting them out of enemy lines and surviving battle so he could return home to her.

Martha has absolutely nothing but hate for Scotsmen and everything they do. She has personal demons to fight as well as physical scars to hide that are from childhood raids. When one shows up on the doorstep, she wants nothing to do with him or anyone wearing his colors. Martha has no idea that the bloody man she helped drag to the cellar and left him locked there would soon force his way into her life and eventually her heart. She found him in enemy territory, yet finds herself riding into enemy territory to be with the man she has grown to love.

Jane Godman’s novel, A Kiss for a Highlander, had me frantically turning pages to see how this would play out. She wasted no time in building climactic scenes in battle, scenes in romance and everywhere in between. The first moment Martha spent alone with Fraser, you could tell if they were to have relationship, sparks would fly with the possibility of catching things on fire. The couple has to learn to tolerate each other before the trust can begin to build, once the trust was built the relationship started to bloom and it was so very easy to see how Martha would fall in love with Fraser. This romance was a hard fought one, each one learning to trust, breaking down emotional barriers and risking it all to be with the one they love. I found myself loving characters she wove into this novel, each one fit perfectly and added to the story. The plot flowed flawlessly along with Godman’s level of detail made this a great read. I would recommend this novel to anyone who is looking for a love story that builds over time between two unlikely people willing to risk it all for each other.


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Posted June 8, 2015 by DiDi in Autry, Historical, Reviews / 2 Comments

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    This sounds like a wonderful read! I love all things Scottish! ;D
    Thank you for the wonderful review. I will be adding it to my TBR.

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