ARC Review – Love is a Battlefield (DreamMakers #2) by Vivian Arend & Elle Kennedy

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Whew, someone throw some cold water on me now; Love Is A Battlefield is H-O-T! ~ Slick, Guilty Pleasures

Years ago it was far easier for Jack Hunter to keep his hands off his best friend’s little sister. Before they’d signed up and done a couple tours of duty, Pepper Wilson had been nothing more than an annoying tag-along brat. Only now that he’s back for good and working to make DreamMakers a success, Pepper’s home from college and determined to push his every button.

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Hot DAMN, I love this series and Love Is A Battlefield is even better than the first book in this series, All Fired Up!

Jack Hunter is one of the partners in DreamMakers Inc. with his friends Parker and Dean. Ex-atruegemawardArmy Ranger and now running a successful date planning service the last person he expects to find asleep in his office is Pepper his business partner and best friend’s little sister. He really doesn’t expect to find her battered and bruised and refusing to tell him what happened. Holy hotness the heat rolling off of these two was visible from the start and only increased as time went on but more than that these two just seemed to fit together; something that comes from Jack spending so much time with Pepper’s family as a teen.

Interesting enough despite the attraction, the teasing, and the want Jack and Pepper don’t immediately fall into a relationship. There’s a little matter of Pepper hating Jack’s bossiness and Jack’s problem with Pepper being his best friend’s little sister and the fact that Pepper has managed to start dating a cop in the few days since she’s been home and then there’s Jack’s ex who is also a client and everything Pepper thinks she isn’t. So they have a few things to work through but once they get through them, I’ll warn you now Jack’s bossiness runs over into the bedroom and Pepper doesn’t complain about it there and they are H-O-T and Jack will do anything and I mean anything to make Pepper’s fantasies come true. Whew, someone throw some cold water on me now!

All while Jack and Pepper are trying to figure their relationship out they are also working together on a big project for DreamMakers Inc. and some strange things keep happening around Pepper making her wonder if the guy she left behind is reaching stalker territory. The secondary characters add so much color and excitement to an already fantastic story.

Characters that are exciting and fun, dialog that is smart and witty, and a story that is sexy and entertaining makes Love Is A Battlefield another amazing story in this series!


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Posted July 22, 2014 by DiDi in #Giveaway, Erotic, Reviews, Sharon/Slick / 1 Comment

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