ARC Review – Saving Me by Kelsie Blanton

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…..a captivating read that brings to light, harsh realities that face some young women on a day to day basis. ~ Asher, Guilty Pleasures 

Sixteen-year old Peyton Jones had it all: straight A’s in school, the perfect boyfriend, and nothing to worry about but keeping her GPA up. Then one night her perfect world is suddenly ripped away from her. Everything she has ever known changes and she goes from having a perfect plan to watching her world crumble around her.

Steve Gibbons was the quarterback of his high school football team…until the new guy showed up and stole his spot, causing him to lose his chance at a scholarship. Football was his life and now he feels like he has nothing.

Drawn together after losing hope for their futures, Peyton and Steve become best friends, but as they grow closer, a colossal secret is revealed changing everything. Will Peyton be left to face her inevitable future alone, or can she trust enough to let someone else in?



::::WARNING:::: This book does contain a rape scene and may not be suitable for everyone.

I sit here at my computer and it is hard to find words to truly describe the gamut of emotions that has run its course through my body. I was asked by a friend to review this book by a new author breaking into the book world so I said sure, young adult *shrugs* Yeah why not, it’s not what I normally read but I’ll give it a go.

I always try to be as honest as I can be with my reviews, if I LOVE your book, you will know. If it’s atruegemawardso-so you’ll know. This one had me scratching my head and hell even struggling to finish it. Not because it was a poor story or grammar mistakes (believe me when I say I’ve read a few that made my head hurt because of all the mistakes) No this story hit a little close to home for me.

Imagine being 16 again, you’re in high school, you’ve got everything going for you, friends that care and a crush on the new guy that just came to school. Then imagine having your world torn upside down by one bad decision and the worst possible situation occurs. Well that’s what happen’s to Peyton in Saving Me.

Luckily there’s a boy that’s been harboring a secret crush on her, and with his help and that of her dearest friends she makes a bad situation into a good one. But that’s not everything….if she tells any one He’s promised to kill her. So what’s a girl supposed to do?

*smiles* I don’t want to give too much away, other than yes it is a hard read for some people. BUT the over all story of triumphing over the hardships of life and making the best out of what you’re dealt is great. I think it has a very important message to impart on our younger generation.

In conclusion it was a captivating read that brings to light, harsh realities that face some young women on a day to day basis. Getting past something as traumatic as rape, be it by your boyfriend, a stranger, or even a relative is hard. Everyone has ways of coping, of surviving and no two people have the same solution. But there is help out there, don’t be afraid to ask for help. If you don’t you let them win.

I myself was raped when I was 15 by my dad, it took three years of counseling, being placed on suicide watch, my writing, friends and my family to help me get passed it. But I did and today I can honestly say that I’m happy with where my life is. 🙂

So while it was a hard book to finish, I did. Is it for everyone, certainly not. Definitely not for those that can’t handle the emotional turmoil and upheaval that the victims go through. I would instead recommend this for those that have yet to work through all the motions that go with being a victim, perhaps this will help you, I don’t know. Or perhaps the friends and relatives of the victim, so that they can try to better understand what their loved one is going through.

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Posted March 20, 2013 by DiDi in Asher, Reviews, Young Adult / 4 Comments

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  1. Eileen

    how very brave of you to review a book that is so close to your own. and you are right that this isn’t for everyone. Thanks for your review.

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