Review – Rough Stock (Cowboy Code #2) by Lauren Fraser

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Professional cowboy Brody Kyle was at the top of his game before an injury changed everything. Now if he wants the chance to win he needs the help of horse trainer Denise Shaw. But when he’s around this strong, sexy woman the gold buckle is the last thing on his mind.

Denise has spent her life proving she’s as good as any man. Nothing fazes her. So what is it about Brody that instantly turns her into a giggling girl and sets her blood on fire? She needs some time between the sheets to get him out of her system. Unfortunately the heat between them only makes her crave him more.

Brody has never become emotionally involved with a woman, but something about Denise gets past his defenses. There’s nothing sexier than seeing an in-control woman submit in the bedroom and be so kickass everywhere else.

Their casual fling soon becomes much more and they must find a way to balance control if they’re to have a shot at forever.

I’ll have to admit going into this book I expected a totally different book than what I got. I was expecting a quick and easy hot book, but what I got was sooooo much more. Often times the quicker reads have a bit of a tough time connecting  you on an emotional level as well as a steamy one, but this one grabbed onto my heart in such a good way.

Brody Kyle is a man with a problem, and only one person can help him. He has to train his new horse in two months, before the start of the rodeo season. He is still reeling from the loss of his horse Buster, so to train his new horse he has come to the best, Denise Shaw. He just has to convince her to first work with his horse, and then he will work on getting her in his bed like he has wanted forever.

Denise has busted her ass getting her business built, getting the respect of the peeps on her and her brother’s ranch, and to be treated as an equal. Even though she agrees to train Brody’s horse, she is determined to fight the attraction to him. She knows he is a man that likes control, and is scared if she submits to him in the bedroom he will no longer treat her as an equal outside of the bed. She wrongly judges him thinking he would be another of the men that think a woman’s place is behind a stove.

The chemistry between these two will burn your e-reader up! I absolutely love the way Brody lets her in to see the pains he has held in for years. I have made no secret that I love a good BDSM novel, but this one does it in a way that puts it high on my list of rereads. It is so much more than a book where she submits to him. The fact that she is essentially the boss outside of the bedroom makes those scenes that much hotter. There were times in this one that my heart broke with both of them. The moment I finished this one, and realized that I had missed the first book, Rode Hard, I jumped up and bought it. It is also freaking amazing! I highly recommend reading both of these books, but read them in order I think you will love them as much as I have.

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Posted October 18, 2012 by DiDi in BDSM, Erotic, KcLu, Reviews / 5 Comments

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  1. Tiss

    So I read your review, loved it and immediately went and ordered it, but also looked for the first book and cannot find it. So where do I find Book 1?

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