ARC Review – Double Vision (Buffalo Intimidators 3) by Cassandra Carr

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Everything Red knew about relationships is called into question when he stumbles upon his roommate Fredrik and his girlfriend Liz going at it hot and heavy and Liz invites him to join them. Struggling with recovering from a knee injury, the young defenseman doesn’t know what to make of his attraction to Liz–after all, she’s his teammate’s woman, right?

As an older player, Fredrik’s been around the rink a time or ten, and he knows he has an awesome thing going with Liz. He envisions a future with her, but isn’t sure how their interludes with Red fit into the long-term picture.

Liz thinks Fredrik’s her forever-guy, but her sudden attraction to Red is causing doubts. The more they play together in the bedroom, the more their outside lives–and emotions– become entangled. When the unthinkable happens, all three must take a hard look at what they want and make some surprising decisions in the process.

With the third installment in The Buffalo Intimidators series, Double Vision, we are treated to an erotic, sultry, sexy tale about three people who know what they want, but not aren’t exactly sure how to make their fantasies a reality.

This story starts out blazing hot and never lets up. Fredrik and Red are roommates and teammates. They both play professional hockey for the Buffalo Intimidators. Red has always had a burning desire for Fredrik’s girlfriend, Liz, and he has always felt guilty for having these thoughts.

Fredrik and Liz have been talking about adding a third to their relationship. There are a few players on the team (this is where book 1 and book 2 fit in) that are living in a permanent ménage. They feel as though this would be a great fit for them as well. Liz suggests they ask Red to be their third. She has always been attracted to him. Fredrik agrees but isn’t exactly sure how to approach the subject. One night Red walks in on Fredrik and Liz, they see this as the perfect opportunity. He is invited to join them. He’s raging with hormones, has a passionate craving for her, and is not about to refuse. Immediately after they are finished the guilt and uneasiness sets in and he runs from them.

This book focuses mostly on how these three people can learn to overcome the stereotype of what a “normal” relationship is. It brings up a lot of valid points such as children, family, public eye and the team. Red is really confused about how this situation could ever work. He knows exactly what his body wants but his brain won’t go along and keeps throwing out the logical implications.

I loved how honest this story is was. These characters are truly concerned for each other’s feelings. They all struggle in their own way to try to be honest with themselves about what they truly want and need. There are a lot of personal obstacles that they must learn to work through and we get to experience that right along with them. And in the midst of all the confusion, and second thoughts about making anything real and permanent, we get to enjoy a lot of sweaty sheet scratching sex. Ms. Carr has a great talent for writing erotic scenes that leave you needing a fan and a drink.

This is a fairly short book, so don’t look for a lot of back story on the characters, and don’t look for a lot of projections into their future. Read it in the “here and now” context that it was meant to be. Also this book mainly delves into the characters lives, so there is not a lot of actual hockey action. We do get a few snippets of characters from the previous books. Not a lot, but just enough to let us know they are happy. If you’re looking for a fast paced, extremely hot and sexy, intense read you won’t want to miss out on this one.

4.5 Stars

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Posted September 11, 2012 by DiDi in Erotic, Reviews, Rhayne / 6 Comments

6 responses to “ARC Review – Double Vision (Buffalo Intimidators 3) by Cassandra Carr

  1. Rhonda D

    I will definitely be reading this. I love a menage where the people actually care how the other feels and it’s not just about getting laid.

  2. Trix

    I’ve been wanting to read this series for so long! Even though I know I’ll wish for more hockey in it (hey, with the probable NHL lockout soon, it may be all I get!), a good menage is always a treat. It sounds like it may be m/f/m (I much prefer m/m/f), but the fact that everyone involved genuinely cares for each other is a good sign.

    • Rhayne

      Yes, this book is m/f/m. I loved the characters and the way their relationship developed. I think you will enjoy it as well. If you are looking for a really good hockey themed book that is m/m/f check out Hat Trick by Lynn Tyler. I reviewed that a while ago. You can search the blog for the review or read it on Goodrreads. I really liked that one.

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