Review – Seizing It by Chris T. Kat

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Veterinary receptionist Kit Hall doesn’t get close to people, and for good reasons: his epilepsy makes him feel like a freak, and his ex was an abusive jerk. But that doesn’t always deter people from wanting to get close to Kit. When a Good Samaritan saves him from his wannabe boyfriend in a parking lot, he doesn’t expect to find the guy so attractive. He definitely doesn’t expect his savior to turn out to be his new boss.

Dale Miller, veterinarian and old-fashioned guy, sees right through Kit’s prickly facade. He likes what he sees, but convincing Kit to give a relationship a shot isn’t going to be a walk in the park. Of course, for Kit, resisting Dale isn’t going to be easy either.




Main character Kit is a bit of a big baby. Kit has epilepsy and makes him a bit protective of his self but it also makes him a bit of a whiner who is spoiled and used to getting his way.

Dale Miller is Kit rescuer; he comes into Kit’s life when he’s in desperate need, though Kit being the brat he is doesn’t even appreciate Dale’s help at the time. However, the men cross paths again and Kit starts to realize Dale might be exactly the kind of man he needs.

The reason they work so well as a couple is nobody calls Kit on his BS like Dale. Dale makes it known he wants Kit; he pushes all the boundaries Kit has arranged around himself over the last few years and Dale quickly makes himself a part of Kit’s life.

Love at first sight is really what Seizing It is all about. For me the story ended too soon, it takes place in less than a week and I think with a few more chapters I could’ve got to know the characters, especially Dale, a little better.

3.5 Stars

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Posted July 17, 2012 by DiDi in Charnel, Erotic, GLBT, Reviews / 8 Comments

8 responses to “Review – Seizing It by Chris T. Kat

  1. Maria D.

    Good review! Some stories could go from an okay book to an excellent book with just a couple of more pages….lol

  2. Sharon

    Charnel, thanks for the honest and upfront review. I am sometimes disappointed when I feel a book ends to soon because you are invested in the characters and want to see what happens.

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