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He saw her across the room, a beautiful offering strung between the pillars awaiting a master to bring her the rush of bliss. That’s when Greg Landess knew no one was going to have his captain but him.

Lani Hollister didn’t have a clue what release was like until that night Greg claimed her. Calling it magic didn’t come close. He’d captured more than her body that night, he cradled her heart in his big, wonderful hands.

Their relationship was a secret they kept from the world. Their love a secret they kept from each other. Fraternization between officer and enlisted, between supervisor and subordinate, are strictly forbidden. Neither expected a call to a murder scene would jeopardize their affair and make them the enforcers of the very rules they’d broken.

Publisher’s Note: This book contains explicit sexual situations, graphic language, and material that some readers may find objectionable: some BDSM elements, including bondage and spanking.

Reading Yellow Ribbons is yet another pleasant bonus from attending this year’s RT.  While going through 50 pounds of swag I came across a card for Yellow Ribbons, read the back and immediately knew I wanted to read it.

Yellow Ribbons is unique, for me, it is not a story about man meets woman and they fall in love.  It a romantic suspense story about two people who met and fulfilled each other’s needs and along the way fell in love.  The problem is they haven’t told each other about their love.  They are scared to because they feel their relationship is on borrowed time, they are breaking the Marine code for fraternization. When they are called on the scene of gruesome murder their secret may come out, they have to decide to take a chance on love and lose their careers or walk away from each other tearing out their hearts and souls.

I thoroughly enjoyed Yellow Ribbons. It has all the elements to keep me on the edge of my seat, a sexy, strong, sensitive hero, a strong independent heroine, BDSM elements, an intriguing secondary cast and twists & turns that kept me guessing every time I thought I knew what was going on.  The fact that Greg and Lani are already a couple, doesn’t take away from the romance, they may be a couple but they still have to work to get to the I Love Yous and their HEA. There are some very romantic scenes in the story and some VERY HOT scenes, good GAWD Greg is confident enough in his role as a DOM and manhood to let Lani use certain toys on him, this has got to be one of the HOTTEST scenes I have read.  I don’t want to go into detail and spoil it for you =)

Ms. Willows created emotions so intense, characters and imagery so clear and precise I felt like I was “watching” an episode of NCIS and kept waiting for Gibbs to pop in a scene and slap DiNozzo upside the head.

I recommend Yellow Ribbons to anyone who enjoys erotic, military, BDSM and suspense romances. The BDSM element is mild so this would also be a great read for someone who wants to dip their toes into BDSM romances.

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Posted May 13, 2012 by DiDi in BDSM, DiDi, Erotic, Misc Fiction, Non-Fic, Provided by Pub, Reviews, RomSus, UF / Sci Fi, Week of 5/13 / 7 Comments

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  1. MaryC

    Story sounds wonderful and I’m sure I will enjoy it as I’m a big fan of NCIS. Thanks, Didi!

  2. Jessie Llewellyn

    Wow, DiDi thank you for the review. I will be adding this book to my long list of summer TBRs.

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