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It’s tough to win the game of love if you don’t understand the rules.

Though Tony Mullin agreed to put on a medieval costume, complete with pointy hat, for her best friend’s marriage vow renewal, another round of wedding bells will never be in her own future. Been there, done that, still sifting through the ashes of broken dreams.

Yet she can’t take her eyes off the Armani-clad mystery man among the guests—and no one’s more surprised to learn it’s David Peterson, the erstwhile nerd who mooned over her in high school. He not only grew up to be a hunk, but a rich one as well. Pity she’s sworn off men.

Last David knew, sweet, artistic Tony married the high school quarterback. He made his fortune developing video games, but the torch he carried for her still smolders. His surprise that she’s ditched the jock quickly turns to determination to win her heart at last…though she seems just as determined to play keep-away.

David didn’t become successful by giving up easily. A freak snowstorm plays into his strategy, but debugging a few gigabytes of computer code seems easier than figuring out how to win this wary woman’s love.

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Product Warnings
Contains strange Colorado weather patterns and video game heroines with breasts that could put your eye out.

This book is a really great story of overcoming your past. David and Tony went to high school together. She was the beautiful cheerleader, and he was the picked on nerd. Now she is dealing with the getting over a bad marriage and divorce, and he is a handsome and rich video game designer. They meet up again at the medieval themed vows renewal of their classmate (also Tony’s best friend).Who wouldn’t love to run into such a good looking main in a velvet medieval cut maid of honor dress with one of those crazy pointed hat on her head, and him looking all sexy in his expensive suit and R2D2 tie. Not that she recognizes him at first. Thanks to a surprise snow storm she is stranded and has to spend the night at his house. David quickly realizes that the feelings he had for Tony in high school were real, and that he would like to have her for his own now. He just has to get past the walls she has built after having a controlling and emotional abuser for an ex-husband. So how does a guy do that?? You get the gal to agree to non-date dates: innocent lunches, sledding, and supper. Tony fights tooth and nail before realizing that not all men are like her ex, and that David is truly one of the good guys. Their trip to HEA is a truly bumpy ride, but a great love story.

The things I liked about this book were that there were parts of Tony’s inner struggles that I could relate to so much. Divorce is never an easy thing to get over, and some wounds pop up when you least expect it. I love reading a book like this where I connect with one or both of the main characters. I recommend y’all checking this one out.

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Posted May 10, 2012 by DiDi in KcLu, Mainstream, Provided by Pub, Reviews, Week of 5/6 / 9 Comments

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