Review – Born to Be Wild (Welcome to Paradise #3) by Elle Kennedy

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Being bad never felt so good…

Bree Lockhart was always the good girl—on the surface. During her senior year of high school, however, her inner bad girl was lured out to play by reckless, carefree Jake Bishop. Her parents’ worst nightmare, and the man she’s never forgotten.

Twelve years later, she’s home for a charity event and up for auction. The highest bidder? Jake. This time around, he wants more than a wild ride—he wants it all. But she’s not about to risk her heart on another fling that’ll just leave it in pieces.

Jake once reveled in showing Bree how good it is to be bad. But convincing her he can be good for her is going to take some very special tactics…

Product Warnings
This book features a bad boy soldier determined to chip away at a good girl’s resistance with hot sex, hot sex, and…more hot sex

I’m a sucker for any story where old lover’s reunite and while Born To Be Wild was good, it wasn’t great as far as this type of story goes. I had high hopes, I’ll admit I’m a big Elle Kennedy fan and I’ve thoroughly enjoyed this series. In the first book Welcome To Paradise, we saw lovers reunited and it was a great story. That was mainly due to a very, very likeable hero and great back story. In Born To Be Wild, we learn more about Jake Bishop (his twin Owen’s story was book 2) and an old flame Bree Lockhart.

Jake has served in Special Forces in the Army and we learn that he’s been honorably discharged. He came home for Owen’s wedding but hasn’t told his family about his discharge. I wanted to like Jake as I’ve liked his brothers very much, but honestly he came across as egotistical, immature, and self centered. He was a “bad boy” in high school and it seems that over a decade later he hasn’t outgrown this type of behavior. He thinks the stigma of being his father’s child has followed him and feels he might as well live up to that reputation.

Bree is an ex-cheerleader turned attorney working out of her father’s firm in Denver, Colorado. She’s home to visit her parents and ends up in a bachelorette charity auction. Bree’s family is one of the founding families of Paradise, Colorado. They are well off, well bred, and expect the best from their children. They didn’t approve of Jake (son of the town drunk and womanizer) when Bree was with him in high school and they don’t like it now any better. Bree is smart but unfortunately she lets her hormones rule when it comes to Jake. She also seems to have a hard time living her life without letting her parent’s wishes come into play.

Jake and Bree had a very adult relationship as kids in high school. While both back in town they resume their relationship, both determined it’s for a short time and it’s strictly sex only. I will say because of their prior association, it doesn’t take long for this to happen and there are some really, really hot scenes. Soon they both find they want more and even though Jake doesn’t like Bree’s family, he agrees to have dinner with them. Suffice it to say, this does not go well and things really go down hill quickly. Jake eventually does the right thing, but personally I felt it all happened to “neatly” and Bree was much to forgiving after not hearing from Jake for almost a month.

It seems with every author I read religiously, there comes a time when they write a book that doesn’t live up to my expectations. This book is one of those books, it’s not bad…it’s just not as good as I’ve come to expect from Elle. Honestly, I feel this book needed more words, more time, more something. It seems rushed and all tied together too conveniently at the end. During this book, we see more of the ongoing relationship between Lexie Price and Cooper Grady. I found their story WAY more interesting and engaging, but then they’ve fascinated me from the beginning. I’m hoping we will see a more in depth story for them in the future. There is also the storyline of Austin (the youngest Bishop brother) and his continuing problem with their mother. I have an idea what that problem is (one of the reason’s I don’t read mysteries because I can always figure them out) and I’m very much looking forward to his story. If you haven’t read this series, I highly recommend you do because it is a good “small town” series. While this book isn’t my favorite of the series, it’s still a good read.

3.75 Stars
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Posted May 12, 2012 by DiDi in Erotic, Provided by Pub, Reviews, Sharon/Slick, Week of 5/6 / 5 Comments

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    Thanks for the review, Slick. While I haven’t read this one yet, a friend just finished it and fekt the same way about the book.

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