Kimber’s Review – Geared for Pleasure (Elemental Steam #1) by Rachel Grace

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The world of Theorrey runs like a well-oiled machine. The elements are in balance, passion is tamed, and the young queen is the heartbeat of it all. But in these two all-new stories of elemental steam, nothing is ever as it seems.

Earthly Desires
Demeter “Dare” Senedal is the Queen’s Chalice-her protector and closest companion. So when the queen goes missing, Dare rushes to locate her, even though the search leads her straight into trouble.

A gentleman who trades in secrets and sin, Bodhan revels in carnal delights, but when a naked and bound woman appears on his shore, he finds his hunger to possess at odds with his need to protect. As Bodhan shares his knowledge of pleasure, Dare must decide if she can trust him, both with her mission and her heart.

Fiery Temptations
Seraphina always lands on her feet. After all, she is a Felidae-more feline than human-and an excellent thief. There has never been a job Phina wouldn’t take or a man who could tame her…until she meets Cyrus Arendal.

As the Queen’s Sword, Cyrus should have known better than to fall victim to a beautiful bandit. Now, to find and retrieve the moonfire dagger, he’ll need to convince Phina not to judge a man by his station, but rather by how completely he can satisfy her desires.

Kimber’s Thoughts:
WOW! was my first thought after reading this impressive book by new to me author Rachel Grace (R.G. Alexander). The book is actually divided into two connecting stories, where the first story ends, the second picks up. I’m placing Geared for Pleasure in the fantasy/science fiction category. Some call it Steampunk, but others are not familiar with that term yet. I always love a good fantasy action book and that’s exactly what I got with this one and the added erotic romance was an added bonus. The author paints a gloriously vivid picture of the world of Theorrey and I quickly became enthralled with this world and intrigued with the fascinating cast of characters.

In the first story, Earthly Desires, we meet Dare, the missing Queen’s chalice and close friend, and Bodhan the captain of the underwater vessel, the Siren. The captain has many colorful people aboard his ship which we learn enough about to keep us guessing. The story begins with Dare leaving her post because someone has kidnapped the Queen and it is her job to find her and bring her back safe. She ends up on the Siren with the most handsome captain who is just as leery of her as she is of him. I felt sorry for Dare throughout the story because everything she believed true in her life ends up being something different and she seems somewhat lost. And although the captain presents himself rather illusive, once he begins to have feelings for her, he stops at nothing to assist with her mission. Their love affair is seductive, sexy, and filled with passion. Bodhan is one of those characters with commanding presence. The man makes my toes curl.

So, now that we know all about Theorrey- the secrets, lies, deceitful, and traitorous behavior, we pick up right where we left off. Only this story centers around Cyrus, the Queen’s Sword and Phina, a dangerously seductive woman who can charm the pants off of any man in order to steel from him. Phina goes from a supporting role in the first story to front and center in the 2nd. Cyrus worked with Dare in the castle but was betrayed and kidnapped only to find his way back to the Deviant, the air ship used to further the mission this go around. Phina is a complex and highly sexual creature who never thought she could have happiness and true love. She is a hard one to break, but Cyrus is the man up for the task, which makes him perfect for her. I love them together because even though they found their HEA, it will NEVER be boring. They will each keep the other one on their toes. Their crusade is packed full of action, steamy sex, and even more interesting characters are brought into the mix.

The author did a wonderful job with the character development and world building and I couldn’t be more excited to read the next book of stories in the series. No matter if they are small or large, cliff hangers are just wrong, so I’ll need the next release to hurry and get here.

Buckle your seatbelts and get ready for an action packed and erotic adventure that will leave you wanting more from the world of Theorrey.

Enjoy everyone!

Kimber gives Geared for Pleasure a solid 4.5 stars:

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Posted March 5, 2012 by DiDi in Erotic, Kimber, Recommended Reads, Reviews, Steampunk / 12 Comments

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