Two-fer Review – Game Misconduct by Bianca Sommerland

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Game Misconduct is an exciting, HOT new release coming out February, 9th, 2012.  
Bianca will be stopping by Guilty Pleasures on February 15th. 

The game has always cast a shadow over Oriana Delgado’s life. She should hate the game. But she doesn’t. The passion and the energy of the sport is part of her. But so is the urge to drop the role of the Dartmouth Cobra owner’s ‘good daughter’ and find a less…conventional one. Playmaker, Max Perron, never expected a woman to accept him and his twisted desires. Oriana came close, but he wasn’t surprised when she walked away. A girl like her needs normal. Which he can’t give her. He’s too much of a team player, and not just on the ice. But then Oriana’s father goes too far in trying to control her and she decides to use exposure as blackmail. Just the implication of her spending the night with the Cobra’s finest should get her father to back off. Turns out a team player is exactly what she needs.

Rhayne’s Review: 
This is the first book in a new hockey series that Bianca is writing featuring The Dartmouth Cobras. I tried really hard to come up with one word that would express my thoughts of this book, and the only one that I can find is WOW! This book has it all. Really steamy sizzling hot sex, yummy hockey players, BDSM, ménage sex, it’s just full of guys that have one common goal….Oriana’s happiness.

I have read several books by Bianca Sommerland and I am a big fan of her writing style. She knows how to push the envelope but in a way that is really believable.

Oriana has not had an easy road in life so far. All she has really ever wanted was to be loves and acknowledged by her father who happens to be the owner of the Dartmouth Cobra’s hockey team. He has no time or desire for her. She lands in a lousy relationship with the head coach and is forced to remain in this unhappy situation by her father threatening her to cut her off from everything if she does not.

She decides to call her father’s bluff and seeks after the man who has always secretly held her heart, Max. He also just happens to be a player on the team. She not only gets to be taken care of by him, but several other team players go along with this plan. The one thing they didn’t expect to happen was for this to last longer than one night.

Ms Sommerland takes us on an extremely incredible journey as we watch Oriana’s master her own sexuality. She comes to realize that there is more out there that she craves and desires, than she has ever realized.

The scenes in the book were very believable. I never thought I would ever be able to read a scene with 5 guys and 1 girl and not get confused as to where all the body parts were, but I did, and I loved it. The detail and flow of the story was spot on.

I also loved the hockey scenes. She described the games as though you were right there watching it happen. The language of the players and the way she described the action on the ice was very thorough.

This book is not a sweet loveable romance book. It is a book about Oriana learning that there is more available in life than just 1 guy and vanilla sex. The men teach her what they have to offer and you get to experience the learning stages right along with her.

I really enjoyed this book. There were several times that I worried how everything would tie up in the end. There was no need to worry; she did a beautiful job making sure there was a HEA. I am anxiously awaiting book two in this series, Defensive Zone.

Rhayne gives Game Misconduct

Ava’s Review: 
This was a fantastic read by Bianca Sommerland. I’m not a big fan of BDSM. So, my opinions about those aspects of the story will likely vary from the typical fan of that genre.

The characters, were sexy and strong, just like I them. I could envision each of these hockey players on the ice and in the bedroom. It’s quite a fantasy to take half a hockey team. And Daddy’s hockey team? Even better. My one complaint, was I had a hard time with so many men, and keeping their names straight while reading. They tend to talk to each other using first names, last names and a few nicknames interchangeably. Eventually I did get them all organized in my mind. I wonder if hockey trading cards within the book would have helped the reader visualize each of them independently?

Game Misconduct does not evolve like the typical menage where a group of men are trying to find the one girl to make them complete. This is a group of strong dominant guys each looking for their OWN girl. While Oriana ‘belongs’ to Max, they each would like to have her all for themselves. The emotions are deeper, and the bonds established with each are somewhat independent of each other. Because of this, it seemed more ‘real’ to me compared to other menage stories I’ve read.

I feel obligated to warn you some aspects of BDSM in this novel push the boundaries of what I am generally comfortable reading, because my mind sees some of those scenes as mistreatment, even though I know it isn’t. Ms. Sommerland handled this challenge by using one of the characters as vehicle for those emotions I found myself having. Knowing the heroine both wanted and needed the heavy handed Doms in her journey made those parts more acceptable to me as a reader. Having one of the guys speak up her behalf, in places that I wanted to, made it work better for me. I think most fans of BDSM would find the story progression exactly as it should be. And while I had a hard time putting myself in Oriana’s shoes, I still enjoyed every second of her melting the ice with her team. Especially Max, what a great boyfriend to be so open-minded and willing to share… I found him incredibly lovable, and a Texan to boot! ~Ava  

Ava gives Game Misconduct

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  1. I love authors that push the envelope. I haven’t read anything by Bianca as yet but I have several of her books on my wishlist…I’m definitely looking forward to devouring them all in the very near future!!!! Thanks for the great reviews Rhayne and Ava I enjoyed reading them…adding Gmae Misconduct to my wishlist!!!!

  2. I have read a couple of Bianca books and thoroughly enjoyed them. I like books that contain BDSM and can’t wait to read Game Misconduct. Thanks Rhayne and Ava for the great reviews.


  3. Both reviews were great. I have been following Bianca’s Tuesday snippets on the book, and it will be a chart topper. Oriana gets into a situation where the team really gets involved, they stick together just as they do in the rink. Can’t wait til it comes out- that will be a whole day read for me with no interruptions.

  4. I have a couple of Bianca’s books waiting on my kindle. They are next just as soon as I finish the series I am currently reading (I think I am on the next to last book). They look great and I am sure I will be buying more in the future.
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