Alyn’s Review – Reckless Territory by Kate Watterson

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When desire collides with danger, rope up and hang on for the ride.

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Lady Victoria Mead cannot believe fate has been so cruel to her yet again. First, her father squandered the family fortune and died in the process. Now, her quest to secure a future in America has been foiled by an attack on her wagon train, leaving her alone and half-naked in the wilderness.

Her only hope lies in three outlaws who seem to have absolutely no idea what to do with the proper daughter of an English earl.

Ranching partners Cole, Jace and Robert can handle any threat with cool, swift precision. But when it comes to the gloriously lovely Lady Victoria, who seems to have no discernible survival skills, they’re in the dark.

Underneath Victoria’s fragile exterior lies an inner resilience they all come to admire—and a deep well of sensuality that tempts them to offer her a permanent place in their home, their beds…and their hearts.
Product Warnings

Strong sexual content, multiple partners, Western bad boys, Western bad language and some mild violence

Alyn’s Thoughts:
For some reason when I read this book I was picturing the cowboy cuties from Young Guns. Kate Watterson paints a picture of a rustic countryside overlooking the rockies where we meet three cowboys on the run from the law. Jace, Robert, and Cole are the right men on the wrong side of the law for various reasons including murder. When they stumble upon a scantilly dressed young woman abandoned and alone in the middle of the scorching heat of the open prairie, they take it upon themselves to offer her a hand.

Victoria had come to the states to escape the scandal and betrayal her father had left her with in England. After her camp is attacked and the rest of her relatives killed, she barely escapes only to wake up staring into the eyes of a dark haired, rugged man by the name of Cole. He and his two friends offer to help the lady and protect her from the dangers of the prairie while escorting her to their ranch. Throughout their journey, Victoria realizes that being an aristocrat may not be so important and that the true qualities of a good man are displayed right in front of her among not just one man but three. Simply being around three men unchaperoned would cause scandal in England but now that Victoria is free from social restraints, she is ready to stop riding like a lady and take hold of the reins. Can she love three cowboys? Can three outlaws share one lady amongst themselves, or will their past come back to haunt them and take away their future?

This was a pleasant story that brought me back to some of my favorite cowboys of the past. The indian, the doctor, and the southerner are all working together to fight the true outlaws and rescue their woman. What is interesting is that the story is not about a menage relationship but three men actually sharing one woman individually rather than as a group. The love scenes are sweet and can turn up the heat when needed while offering an interesting story line about living the cowboy way including beans and biscuits on an open fire, virgin maidens willing to change their ways for a sexy cowboy and of course a gun fight. While the love scenes are brief, they are sweet in describing Victoria’s feelings for each of her men. Worth the read especially if you love a good cowboy romance set in the good old days of the wild west.

Alyn gives Reckless Territory
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Posted February 26, 2012 by DiDi in Erotic, Historical, Reviews, Week of 2/26 / 8 Comments

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