Review – Devon’s Pair (Power Tools #4) by Jayne Rylon

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Will his boyfriend’s girlfriend become his girlfriend too?

James has watched each of the crew fall in love, one by one, until only he and his life partner Neil remain “unattached”. So, when he sees the way his bisexual boyfriend is checking out their new apprentice, he’s sure he’s doomed to lose the man of his dreams.

His love is strong enough that he would let go to ensure Neil’s happiness. Instead, sparks fly between the three of them—along with the rest of the crew—and he realizes he might not have to surrender because his boyfriend’s girlfriend is becoming his girlfriend too.

Product Warnings
The world’s first m/f/m/f/m/f/m/m/f…we think. You never know exactly what’s going to happen next when the crew gets back together, but it’s guaranteed to be steamy.

DiDi’s Review:
HOLY SMOKIN’ MENAGE!!!!  It always amazes me how even when Jayne Rylon is pushing my “comfort zone” with one of her smokin’ hot sex scenes, she never fails in getting me all hot & bothered and making it where I can’t put the book down.

Neil and James…sighhhh….I’ve been waiting for the Dynamic Duo’s story since Kate’s Crew, but was skeptical that they would be able to bring a third in without destroying that beautiful bond and love between them.  Jayne hit it out of the park with Devon.  She was the perfect match for Neil and James, they had some rough spots to work through and there were some very tense parts in this book between Neil and James.  But when Devon finally got to have a few minutes alone with James, the conversation was beautiful.

We get to see ALL of the crew in action in Devon’s pair and while I usually don’t like when a H/h have had their HEA then appear in another book and “play,” Jayne makes it work with the Power Tools series.  The bond between all the characters is strong and amazing, you can feel their love and friendship jump off the pages.

This is a short story, but length does not take away from the smokin’ hot sex and the emotional turmoil between Neil, James and Devon.  IMO this is one of the most emotionally beautiful stories of the series, the connection between Neil, James and Devon is soo strong it’s believable, as are the feelings of despair and jealousy that come up.

And that naughty, evil Jayne…left us with a hell of an ending!! Thankfully it’s not the end of the series, like I thought. The next book is called Nailed to the Wall…but I have no clue who is in it and I can’t wait to see what she has in store for us.

I strongly recommend reading Power Tools in order to be able to get the whole dynamic of this group of friends/lovers, they are all novellas.  WARNING: You need to be open to menages in any number of variations 😉

DiDi gives Devon’s Pair
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Posted December 22, 2011 by DiDi in DiDi, Erotic, Reviews / 5 Comments

5 responses to “Review – Devon’s Pair (Power Tools #4) by Jayne Rylon

  1. Ms. Rylon is truly amazing at writing these fantasy-come-to-life stories! This one sounds like no exception! Thanks!

    flchen1, using DH’s account

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