Review – White Hot Christmas by Serenity Woods

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When lust turns to love, it’s one fire he can’t extinguish…

Merle Cameron’s not looking for love. Between her job as a university lecturer and caring for a mother recovering from breast cancer, she has no room in her schedule for a demanding relationship.
While visiting her sister in New Zealand, however, she’s happy to indulge in some hot holiday sex with kind, hunky firefighter Neon Carter. After all, they live on opposite sides of the world. There’s no chance things will turn serious.
Neon Carter is a catch. At least, that’s what the ladies apparently think. All they seem to want is a quick trip down the aisle, but Neon’s in no rush to settle down. Light-hearted summer loving with a sexy blonde is something different, though, and Neon’s happy to offer his services until Merle has to return to England.
The weather’s hot, the sex even hotter. But when it’s time for Merle to go home, they both realize they’re in deeper than they thought. And there’s no solution that won’t break someone’s heart.
Warning: Please do not read if you are allergic to any of the following: love at first sight, one-night stands in a one-man tent, rugby hakas, firemen rescuing children, and rough caveman sex guaranteed to put hairs on your chest. May contain nuts.

DiDi’s Review:
Merle has finally found a way to escape the demands of her job as a professor at a university in England and taking care of her demanding, manipulative, spoiled mother. She has traveled to New Zealand to spend Christmas with her sister Bree and brother-in-law Jake.  Because Merle epitomizes, the stereotypical uptight English woman, Bree talkes her into taking a walk on the wild side and having a holiday fling with Jake’s cousin, Neon.  Neon is a sexy firefighter/rugy player/surfer, pretty much a good time guy with no intentions of settling down.  They have an instant flaming hot attraction, that doesn’t dim as Merle’s time to return to England draws closer.

I LOVED this book, it is 100% romance, with smokin’ hot smexin’, humor, a great secondary cast, a totally lovable heroine and a to die for hero.  There is no murder and mayhem, even though I would’ve loved to wrap my hands around Merle’s mother’s neck.

White Hot Christmas makes it easy to believe there could be such thing as falling in love in a short period of time, Ms. Woods described the developing feelings and emotions both Neon and Merle were having so clearly that I felt like I was falling in love with them.  Neon is incredibly sexy, tender and caring. Merle is enchanting and adorable as she realizes how much she likes this sexual awakening Neon is taking her on.  My heart broke for both of them when they said their good-byes.  And I cheered for the utterly romantic way Neon fought for Merle and her response.

I can go on and on about White Hot Christmas, but I’ll summarize my feelings as best I can:
White Hot Christmas is a story that is going to stick with me for a long time.  If you like a story that has great character development, humor, hot smexin’, fiesty heroine, tough but tender hero, great interactions with the secondary casts, some angst while the H/h try to find a way to make a HEA work and then a super, sweet, funny, amazing ending…then RUN don’t mosey…to your favorite book seller to  pre-buy White Hot Christmas.

DiDi gives White Hot Christmas

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Posted November 22, 2011 by DiDi in DiDi, Holiday Reads, Mainstream, Recommended Reads, Reviews / 12 Comments

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  1. lol Melissa, it is luck…but believe me, I do get a handful that I won’t post reviews for because they earn less than 2 stars…Since I’m all about positive I just can’t make myself post them.

  2. Kathleen I love her name too!

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  3. Hi DiDi, just wanted to say thank you for your lovely review – it’s so nice to hear when people like what I’ve written! And I’m so glad you like my name too! I’m starting to write under my own name now as well (Faye Robertson) but will continue writing as Serenity for Samhain Publishing. Names are so important, aren’t they?

  4. Thank you Carol. I hope you enjoy it!!! I love reading about Christmas in other countries =)

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