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Christy Reece is the author of the Last Chance Rescue series. LCR is a romantic suspense series based on the Last Chance Rescue organization, which is made up of operatives who do whatever it takes to rescue kidnap victims, the men of LCR are all sexy, alpha men and the women are strong enough to handle the men, and when they get together fireworks go off.  Each LCR book is emotional, sexy and suspenseful.  Christy Reece became an auto buy for me before I even finished the first book I read of hers. 

Watch the video trailer for Christy’s upcoming release Sweet Justice, release date 9/6/11.

Christy’s Interview:

Christy:  D, thanks so much for the interview. And I’m thrilled that you’ve read and enjoyed my books!

Naughty D : The first book I read in the series was No Chance, which made you an instant auto buy of mine. I then Googled you and found out about the first three books, so I went to Amazon and bought Rescue Me, Return to Me and Run To Me.

It is cool how you have the series set up in trilogies. I like it because each trilogy can be read stand alone, but yet you see some of the past and possible future LCR operatives in each book. What made you decide to do the series this way?

Christy:  I can’t say I had a plan to write the series this way. As is the case with much of my writing, things fell into place and it seemed right to create it in this manner.

I fell in love with Noah McCall while I was writing RESCUE ME and knew I wanted to write his story. Just as I started to write RETURN TO ME, I sold to Ballantine. They initially asked for 3 books in the series, so when I met Ethan Bishop in Noah’s book, I knew he would be the hero of the third book, RUN TO ME.  (Naughty D – I LOVE me some Noah)

When I contracted to write another trilogy for the series and knowing they would be back to back releases again, I wanted to entice readers who read NO CHANCE to read the next two. Of course, those who read RUN TO ME already knew about Cole Mathison, but I was able to give him more page time in NO CHANCE, so readers could get a sense of him before SECOND CHANCE came out the next month. And then, of course, I introduced McKenna Sloan in NO CHANCE and gave a little glimpse of her in SECOND CHANCE. So when LAST CHANCE came out, readers knew that McKenna had quite a story to tell.

The same thing happened for the third trilogy. By introducing the characters who will have their own book in the trilogy, the reader has an idea of who the hero and/or heroine are and what kind of story they have in store for them.

I feel most of the LCR books are stand alones, but having each book linked so closely to the others within its own trilogy works well for the back-to-back release aspect. SWEET REWARD will be the very first book that wasn’t part of a back to back. There’s a two-month gap between SWEET REVENGE and SWEET REWARD.  (Naughty D – I agree they can be stand alone, but I’m anal about reading in

Naughty D’s Last Chance Rescue collection
Visit Christy’s web-site

Naughty D: What gave you the idea create an organization like Last Chance Rescue?

Christy:  I was in the midst of writing RESCUE ME when the idea came to me. I intended the story to be an emotional journey of a young girl who goes through a traumatic event and disappears, then reappears years later a completely different person. I was writing a scene where she’s getting ready for work and I began to wonder what kind of occupation this woman would have, after what she had endured. No one had been there to rescue her and I realized it made sense that she would want to help or prevent what happened to her from happening to others. And as the heroine, Eden St. Claire, is walking into the building where she works, the name Last Chance Rescue came to me. From there, it developed into an organization that rescues kidnapped victims.

Also, about that time, there was the disappearance of a young woman in my area. As time went on and it became obvious she wouldn’t be found, I wished there was an organization that would do whatever it took, no matter the cost or risk, to rescue her.

Building on those two threads, I created LCR.

Naughty D:  I LOVE how all of your men are Alpha and the women are strong and not simpering babies. What inspired you to make the women strong enough to stand up to an Alpha man, but smart enough to appreciate all his sexy alpha qualities?

Christy:  I enjoy writing and reading about strong female characters. And I love a heroine who is as tough as the hero, but can also be feminine and enjoy all the aspects and beauty of being a woman. I love the verbal sparring that can occur between these kinds of characters. And I love an Alpha man who can appreciate and cherish a strong woman.

Doormats aren’t sexy but neither are obnoxious jerks. Creating strong, loveable but flawed characters is one of the most challenging but fun aspects of writing.   (Naughty D’ and you do it so well)

Release Date 9/6/11

Naughty D: I’ve noticed your books all touch on crime/issues in current events.. In Sweet Justice, you deal with a cult/religious sect. I got goose bumps while reading it, because it makes me think of the whole Warren Jeffs and other maniacal cult leaders. Your facts seem close to what we hear about on the news, how much time do you spend researching? Do you talk to law enforcement agencies to get an idea of how investigations work?

Christy: I’m a news hound but not so much that I let facts get in the way of creating fiction. The villain in SWEET JUSTICE isn’t based on any one individual. I’ve seen coverage on some cults and using that knowledge, I expanded the leader of this cult into someone truly hideous. In all honesty, this is the first villain I’ve created that actually gave me nightmares. (Naughty D – He was quite the creep, definitely gave me chills)

Regarding research–I have a friend who’s a retired police detective. Whenever I have a law enforcement question, he’s my go-to person.

Release Date is October 2011

Naughty D: I, jokingly, give you a hard time on Facebook about being a tease. But I truly enjoy the snippets and lines you give us while writing your books, to me it shows how much you appreciate your fans. And it is definitely a great tool to keep us on our toes and anxiously waiting for the next release. What made you start the “teasing snippets”?

Christy:  Believe it or not, I get just as anxious as my readers to get these books out. Sometimes I’ll write a scene or meet a new character and just can’t wait to share that information. LOL It’s like gossiping, but not. And as a reader myself, I have favorite authors that I follow on Facebook. I love learning about their upcoming books and finding out about the characters they’re writing about. 

Teasing snippets are like chocolate drops. They taste so good and you love getting them, but eventually you want the entire candy bar. (I’m a certified chocoholic, so using a chocolate analogy feels natural)   (Naughty D – chocolate works for ANY and EVERY thing)

Release Date December 2011

Naughty D:  Sweet Justice is Seth and Honor, Sweet Revenge is Jamie and Dylan (I can’t wait for this one, Dylan sure knows how to rile Jamie) and Sweet Reward is Jared and Mia. Are there plans for more LCR books?

Christy:  So glad you’re looking forward to SWEET REVENGE. Jamie and Dylan’s book was so much fun to write. And you’re right, Dylan definitely knows how to rile Jamie. There are several laugh-out-loud moments in that book, along with some twists and turns that I never expected. (Naughty D’ your facebook posts about what Jamie and Dylan were up to had me cracking up)

SWEET REWARD was great fun too. Mia and Jared have an amazing chemistry together. Also, Jared is probably the most alpha male I’ve ever written. He continually surprised me, as did Mia. 
(Naughty D oooo I can’t wait to read more on Jared)

Will there be more LCR books? I wish I could say there will be, but no, SWEET REWARD will be the end of the LCR series. At some point, I’d like to create another series, using some of the secondary characters I never got the chance to write about, but for right now, I’m focusing on something else.

Naughty D:  I have my POUTY FACE on….well all good things must come to an end and while I hate to see the LCR series end, I am sure your next project will be just as addicting.  And the great thing about the LCR series is they are all definitely re-read worthy.   It’s been great chatting with you Christy, is there anything else you would like to share with WTFbr followers?

Christy: Thanks so much, Dawn. Just want to tell readers how very much I appreciate them.  Writing is a dream job for me. I feel so blessed to be able to do what I love and know that people are reading and enjoying my books.

Naughty D:  And we are blessed that you share your talent with us.   Thanks for your time Christy, I ‘ve enjoyed getting to know more about LCR.  Can’t wait to see what you have in store for us next!


Christy is giving an autographed copy of Sweet Justice away!  Comment on this interview and you will be entered in the contest.  Winner will be announced, Friday, 9/2/11 at 3:00 pm CST.  It has been reported that some viewers cannot leave a comment. Here is what we have found out in the past:  Are you on internet explorer? people on IE have that problem, some click several times and it finally works or they leave as anonymous, but put their name in the post. We can’t figure out why IE users have problems, google chrome or firefox users don’t have any trouble…Due to this issue we will extend the contest to Saturday, 9/3/11 at 3:00 pm CST.  I apologize for any inconvenience. 

Posted September 1, 2011 by DiDi in DiDi Misc, Interviews, Randomness / 54 Comments

54 responses to “Interview with Christy Reece

  1. I’m reading ‘Last Chance’ right now and while I’ve enjoyed all your books and characters ‘Rescue Me’ and this one are topping my chart of favorites. Can’t wait to read more!

    Thanks for the giveaway, now back to ‘Last Chance’ 🙂

    Happy Reading,
    cunninghamm at gmail dot com

  2. Hi Teena, thanks so much! I don’t have SWEET REVENGE copies yet, but when I do, I’ll be having lots of giveaways for it. Be sure to drop by my website blog frequently. Will have daily giveaways beginning September 6, when SWEET JUSTICE releases, through October 4, when SWEET REVENGE releases. Would love to see you over there!

  3. Hi Michelle! I’m so glad you’re enjoying LAST CHANCE. I think RESCUE ME and LAST CHANCE are favorites of many of my readers. And then there are those who picked other books as their favorite LCR book. Sometimes I think when a book strikes a particular chord with a reader, it can make a bigger impression on them. I know I always have favorites in any series I’m reading.

    Hope you enjoy the new SWEET books, too. Thanks for stopping by!

  4. Thanks so much, Jodi! I hope you enjoy the SWEET books just as much or more than my other books in the series. I’m very excited about this new trilogy and think these are some of the best LCR books I’ve written. Hope you agree!

  5. Sue P.

    Dawn – thanks for hosting this and asking great questions!
    Christy – I love this series of books about LCR and can’t wait for the new trilogy. Hope you can revisit this in the future or create a new group from some of the minor characters. Can’t wait til the 6th, although would be really fun to win a copy. Thanks for sharing with us.

  6. Anonymous

    If you could give us 3 words or phrases about the upcoming books that we could look forward to, what would they be. I am so looking forward to the new upcoming books.

    Sista J

  7. Thank you Sue =) Our site is less than 2 months old and we are working on keeping it interesting. Thanks to great authors like Christy for giving us a chance =)

  8. Luci

    Hey Naughty D – great site :). So who are you on FB :)? To put a name to the person posting.

    Christy I adore the LCR books but am totally ready for anythign new you write and if its a series so much the better :). Am so glad the wait for the final trilogy is finally near the end.

  9. Thank you, Dawn! I love all of my LCR books and can’t say I have ‘favorites’ since that would be like choosing a favorite child. But somehow the SWEET books became very special to me. I don’t know if it’s because they’re the last books in the series or if maybe it’s because they took a while to write and I lived with the characters in my head for a longer period of time. I just know that each time I read through the books for edits and revisions, I loved the characters and the stories all the more. That doesn’t always happen. (:

  10. Thanks so much, Sue! I do hope to be able to write more stories related to LCR at some point. That may be a year or two down the road depending on how things go, but I have several characters I’d love to write about.

    So glad you’re looking forward to September 6. It’s been a long time coming! (:

  11. Christy, for me, I tend to like the later books of a series even more because you get to see some of your favorite characters and how their relationships have progressed through the series. However, like others Last Chance and Rescue me are two of my top faves =)

  12. Hey Sista J! LOL I love a challenge. Let’s see:

    SWEET JUSTICE: Lots of “Oh, no she didn’t!” Mega steam and more than a few tears.

    SWEET REVENGE: Several LOL moments, major twists and turns and one very hot hero.

    SWEET REWARD: A sassy heroine, a brooding hero, several gut wrenching events and a wild monkey sex moment.

  13. Hey Luci! Thank you for loving the LCR series! And double thanks for looking forward to my new series. Can’t say what it’s about yet, but I am enjoying all these new voices in my head. And I’m glad that the trilogy is finally almost here, too. It’s been a long dry spell for the LCR gang! (:

  14. Dawn, I’ll have to give that some thought to see if I feel that way about other series that I’ve loved. Have never thought of it like that.

    And thank you for loving RESCUE ME and LAST CHANCE. (:

  15. Long Dry Spell for the LCR gang…well none of the LCR fans will be dry after they start reading Sweet Justice 😉 oops sorry, sometimes I just can’t supress the naughty in me 😉

  16. Thank you Dawn for that awesome review of SWEET JUSTICE. I’m so thrilled people are loving it.

    And I’m glad you’re looking forward to SWEET REVENGE next month. Those two characters took me on a quite an adventure but in the end, it was so worth the journey.

  17. Anonymous

    Well phooey! I had a post all written, and lost it trying to log in!!

    Hi Christy! Great interview Dawn!! This was the first time I have seen a trailer for Sweet Justice and I have a comment on the actress – totally off the wall — how come her boobs didn’t jiggle when she fell back on the bed? just kidding!

    I just finished Sweet Justice and I loved it!! I’m sad too the LCR is coming to an end – I would love to see more stories on some of the new secondary characters — maybe they could be stand alones outside LCR activites, but I’m sure anything Christy writes will be a smashing success.

    I already have a copy of SJ, so don’t include me in the contest.

    Shelly Estes

  18. Hey Shelly! I’m so happy you enjoyed SWEET JUSTICE!

    LOL on the trailer. Though I love it and am thrilled my publisher did it for me, the characters look nothing like Seth and Honor. Seth has black hair and Honor is covered in freckles and is, um, less endowed that the actress on the trailer. However, it does give a good description of their steamy relationship. I won’t address the non-jiggle. I have no experience with that. ):

    I hope I can bring some secondary LCR characters into a new series some day. Fingers crossed. (:

    And thanks for your kind words. I do believe I have the nicest, SWEETest readers in the world. (:

  19. Love the new site, Dawn! I’ve added it to my favorites. And what a super interview with our SWEET Christy!

    Hey there Christy! It’s so much fun to watch as the unveiling of the SWEETs come to fruition. SWEET JUSTICE is a fabulous debut and Seth is as SWEET a hero as you could find. He and Honor are great together. Seth will definitely light the fire in readers. I had to turn the air conditioning down to 65 to cool off!

    FYI Christy — I would choose a “teaser snippet” from you over a chocolate drop anyday!! By the way, Sista J – great challenge for Christy on the 3 new SWEETs!

    Now I just gotta get busy and try to clear my mind of Jared & “wild monkey sex” so I can function normally for the rest of the day! HOT!!!

    Even with my pouty face on, I’m still excited to hear what’s coming next from one of Alabama’s best!

  20. Anonymous

    Chrisy Reece became an auto buy for me after i picked up her first book in a used bookstore. I love the balance of romance and suspense. I am looking forward to the new series! Lucas & Mckenna have been my favorite so far. Thanks for the contest, Heather

  21. Shelly thanks, check back weekly, we post something almost daily….

    oklanannie THANK YOU!! We are small, just me and my two PICs, we’re doing it for fun and our love of great books and not making money off of it. So we appreciate all followers we have =)

    Jared and monkey sex has thrown me off for the rest of the day. I’m trying to write questions for my next interview and keep going back to “monkey sex” lol

    Christy – KurvyK is a bama girl…need to let her know when you have signings, I bet she’ll bring some of her friends to support you =)

    Thanks for stopping by Heather

  22. OMG, I can’t believe I’ve been missing all the fun. D–great interview, but you had a SWEET, awesome person to interview! Christy–THANKS so much for stopping by WTFBR, you had me at monkey sex. I’m in the process of downloading and pre-ordering as I type. Speaking of BAMA, of you ever make it back over to God’s country for any signings?

  23. Hey Anne! LOL on turning the air conditioning to 65! I have to admit there were a couple of times I blushed a bit myself. The sauna scene, perhaps? (:

    And I’m so glad you thought Seth was SWEET. I think sometimes we forget that sexy hot guys can always be very loving. I loved the way Seth loved Honor.

    Oh, that wild monkey sex. That scene was so much fun to write!

    And thank you for being excited about something new. I just reread my synopsis today and I do believe I’m going to love these books. Hope all my readers will too!

  24. Thank you, Heather! So happy you picked up my first book to read. And I’m glad you love Lucas and McKenna. I do too. You’ll see both of them several times in SWEET REVENGE and a bit of Lucas in SWEET REWARD. (:

  25. KurvyK – Christy is talking about the one I posted the info about on here and sent it to you when I saw it on Christy’s facebook =) If I wasn’t going to RAW the weekend before, I’d make the TX to Bama road trip =)

  26. Christy- then we are practically neighbors. why did I think you had moved away??? I am thrilled to know you are here in my home state, and I will make my plans NOW to be in Bham on the 5th. That is fantastic, something fun to look forward to.

  27. Good interview. Hate to admit this but Christy Reece is a new author for me so I’m looking forward to reading the old and new series. The stories sound good!

  28. KurvyK, that’s fabulous that you’re coming! I look forward to meeting you! It’s going to be a great luncheon with Victoria Dahl as the keynote speaker and Jennifer Echols is the welcome speaker. They’re both wonderful authors and hilarious.

  29. Hi Patricia! Thanks so much for buying my books! And yes, love those strong characters. They’re the most fun to read about and write!

    Thanks for stopping by. Hope you enjoy the SWEET trilogy!

  30. Anonymous

    This is the first I’ve read about what sounds like a must read!! Any book/authors that D makes auto buys, I then have to have!! Really good interview ladies, can’t wait to read all of them 🙂

  31. Hello,

    Christy mentioned this post and site on her website blog – what a great interview. I’m excited for all the sweet books, especially Dylan and Jaime, since I do love witty banter in my books.

  32. Hey Jennifer! So glad you’re looking forward to the SWEET books. There’s a bit of witty banter in all of them, so hope you enjoy all three!

    Thanks so much for checking out my blog and coming by today, too!

  33. Thank you everyone for stopping by and Thank you Christy for such a great interview and for the give away.

    CONGRATULATIONS to the winner:
    cunninghamm at gmail dot com

    Please check in next week for an interview and give away with erotic romance author Desiree Holt. Like us on facebook for updates of what’s happening on WTF Book Reviews.

    Have a GREAT WEEKEND!!!

  34. Thank you, Dawn for all your hard work. You did a great job and this was so much fun.

    Thank you to all who commented and I hope if you read SWEET JUSTICE, you enjoy it.

    Congrats Michelle! I’ll contact you to get your snail mail address, but if somehow I can’t get to you, my email address is, so please email me so I can get your book to you.

    Thanks again all!

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