Review – Happy Birthday Nancy Tobin by Lillian Grant

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EVERY 40 year old needs a Jake!  I turned 40 this year and this book was a much needed read!

Suddenly single on the eve of her fortieth birthday, Nancy Tobin’s not sure turning middle-aged is worth celebrating. She’s stuck in a dead-end job as the boss’s bitch with only her morose Labrador for a companion. What does she have to party about? Maybe if she ignores the whole birthday thing, it will just go away.

Hot, twenty-six-year-old Jake Turner has other ideas. When he bumps into Nancy at the library, he sees a woman in need of a wake-up call.

Determined to unleash the beauty hidden beneath the sad façade, he schemes to relight her spark.
He wants to give her a birthday to remember but he ends up being the one who can’t forget: a visit to his apartment becomes a weekend in his bed where he discovers an offbeat, unpredictable, sexually adventurous woman he never wants to let go.

With Jake, Nancy can do anything, her life can be whatever she chooses. But this new and exciting relationship teeters on the edge of destruction when her soon-to-be ex-husband reveals the reason for Jake’s initial interest in her. Can Nancy trust Jake when he finally tells her he loves her? 

Naughty D’s Review:
FORTY!!!  The age every women has been “trained” to dread.  We’ve all been programmed that once we reach FORTY we lose our attractiveness, things start sagging and heading south, coloring our hair is no longer an option but a must.  WORST of all men our age start trading us in for the younger models.  Not to mention if we have been blessed with kids, many of us experience our kids leaving the nest around this age.  With all this programming, it’s not wonder so many of us feel worthless, self  conscious and like there’s not much left to live for.

Nancy has lived her married life trying to be a good mother and wife, but her husband is a total cheating, self centered asshole.  He leaves her for another woman on her 40th birthday.  Nancy divorces him and in the process is approached by Jake, a sexy 26 yr old.  Nancy fights the intense chemistry between them, because she doesn’t feel worthy, especially of the attention from a 26yr old hunk.  Jake is persistent and the courtship and sex are hot. 

Happy Birthday Nancy Tobin is a great read, I cried, laughed and sighed…oh and got quite tingly in me girly bits too 😉  I really connected with Nancy and all the emotions she was going through

I recommend this book for anyone who is approaching or is over FORTY, actually for anyone fighting feelings for a younger man.  

NOTE:  this is not your normal romance…book deals with thoughts of suicide, infidelity, a cougar finding herself.


Naughty D’ gives Happy Birthday Nancy Tobin

Posted August 25, 2011 by DiDi in DiDi, Erotic, Reviews / 2 Comments

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