Interview with Jennifer Saints and CONTEST: three chances to win an ebook

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Welcome to Guilty Pleasures Book Reviews Jenni. 

When I first read the description of Wild Irish and Smooth Irish I was totally enamored. After reading WI and SI, the Weldon series has captured my heart, you have written steamy, sensual erotic romances, without ménage, anal sex or the dirty, rough talk that is common in so many erotic romances.   (let me clarify, I’m not knocking those books, cause I LOVE and am addicted to those kind of stories also) 

I live in Texas and while most call it SOUTH, we know there is a difference between Texas and the Southern States.  Texas has it’s share of sexy cowboys and gentlemen.  But the Southern states, have their own brand of Southern Gentlemen, that slow drawl you only find in Georgia, Alabama, the Carolinas…a voice that’s like slow honey flowing down your spine..sigggghhhh….


Jenni:  Oh my…honey down the spine…and other firm places.   boy that gives me some smokin’ ideas for the next  Southern biscuits are always irresistible when drenched in honey and butter. (Naughty you have me thinkin’ of someone’s “biscuits” with honey dribbled on them, lol)

Naughty D:  Why did you decide to write about SEXY Southern men, who happen to be Irish (sigh)?

Jenni:  A deadly delicious combination for sure.  For me heroes, heroines, their families and personas take on life as words hit the page and evolve.  Those were the elements that felt so right for my characters.   It doesn’t hurt that I just happen to have a thing for SEXY men.  A thing for Gentlemen and a dash of blue-eyed-dark haired Irish goes real easy on the eyes, doesn’t it?  

Naughty D: One of the first things I noticed in Wild Irish and in Smooth Irish, is they are erotic romance, but it is done with no “dirty, foul” language. Jesse and Jackson are both Southern Gentlemen, but boy are they sensual.  What made you decide to write their stories without all the dirty talk that so many erotic romances are full of?    

Jenni:  That’s just me and what turns me on.  The elements of erotic that I left out take away from the beauty of the romance for me and I want readers to know that you can be intensely, excitingly erotic, with one man and one woman who respect each other and enjoy their sexuality together.       

Naughty D: Wild Irish and Smooth Irish are both illustrated. What made you try this new concept?   

Jenni:  Some women love hot covers, so why stop there?
I think having the option to buy books with pictures of the models in different scenes of the story might be for some, the future to the ebook revolution.  LOL it hasn’t cuaght on yet, but I have hope that Romance can do this whole graphic novel-comic thing one better.

Naughty D: I love Alpha men and I especially love when a book has an Alpha man with a strong woman, WI and SI fit this description. I’ve noticed the men both take control in the bedroom, but at some point the women turn the tables on them. Alot of erotic romances have Alpha men totally dominating in the bedroom.
Why have you chosen to you write your H/h this way?   

Jenni:  I’m an Alpha man kind of gal, but I also believe a woman worth her salt has her own strengths to bring to the party.  There should be a give and take of mutual strengths in the relationships, in life, and lol especially in the bedroom, a mutual seduction and conquering if you will. My model for heroes are at their core hard, hot, heroic, and a hella of a lot but vulnerable too. 

Naughty D: I LOVE the twins, James and Jared, do you have plans to write their stories?   

Jenni:  Oh yeah.  Currently toying with the titles of Hot Irish and Hard Irish…and will be writing them as soon as I can.  First I have to finish Tactical Deception, Book Two in my Silent Warrior Series writing as JL Saint and Bewitching the Wolf, book 5 in my paranormal Shadowmen Series writing as Jennifer St. Giles.  So look for the next Weldon Book in the fall of 2012. 

Naughty D: The Weldon’s parents are adorable, feisty and from the tidbits dropped in WI and SI they had quite a smokin’ hot love affair. Do you plan on writing a story about how they got together?   

Jenni:  You know I have thought about it, going back in time and telling how John Weldon won Emma over. 

Naughty D: In my TBR I have Collateral Damage, which you wrote under JL Saint.  What type of book is it?  Are there any other genres you write in?

Jenni:  Hold onto your hat.  I LOVE story and I LOVE romance so I don’t limit myself to one thing but write what is in my heart.

Collateral Damage, Book 1 in my Silent Warrior Series is out now, is a romantic military thriller–lots of action, hot men, steamy sex, and did I say action?  Tactical Deception, Book 2 in my Silent Warrior Series will be out at the end of 2011.

As I mentioned above, I write a paranormal Shadowmen Series under the name of Jennifer St. Giles.  There are 4 books out, Touch a Dark World, Lure of the Wolf, Kiss of Darkness and Bride of the Wolf.  With Book Five, Bewitching the Wolf coming in early 2012. 

I write historical murder mysteries with romance and a touch of paranormal in them under the name Jennifer St. Giles which are being re-released by Samhain.  The heroes, Sean and Alex Killdaren just happen to be Irish too.  Midnight Secrets was out in April, Darkest Dreams comes out in about a week, and Silken Shadows will be out in February 2012.

I also just got my rights back to my first two classic gothic romances The Mistress of Trevelyan and His Dark Desires.  I will be re-releasing both of them on Ebook with hot new covers in September 2011.
And please forgive me, but there is more to come that are in the pipes which are bursting to be written but we’ll cross those bridges when the stories are completely written.
Thank you for letting me share with you.  Please do all of the authors you like a huge favor and post a reveiew on Amazon no matter how small.  The more reviews an author gets the more interesting thier book becomes to others.
Happy Reading and remember every day to dream, believe, create, inspire, love and heal.

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Naughty D:  Thank you so much for taking the time to talk to us.  I look forward to reading more of your books.

CONTEST:  Jenni would like to give away three of her books, 1 copy of  Wild Irish, 1 copy of  Collateral Damage and 1 copy of Midnight Secrets.   All you have to do is comment on this post and we will randomly pick one winner for each book =)  Winners will be drawn Friday, 8/5/11

Special THANK YOU to Cindy O, for introducing Jenni to WTFbr =)

Posted August 4, 2011 by DiDi in Contests, DiDi Misc, Interviews / 25 Comments

25 responses to “Interview with Jennifer Saints and CONTEST: three chances to win an ebook

  1. Cindy

    I am soo excited to see this interview.. I saw Collateral Damage on Samhain coming soon
    page months before it came out and was sold then and there.. This fan is eagerly awaiting Tactical Deception, Book 2

  2. First off great interview ladies. I just have to say I read Collateral Damage and loved it. I’m so looking forward to reading Tactical Deceptions the end of the year can’t come fast enough for me!!!!!

  3. Thank you Timitra… Mikala…ummm…the only thing better than reading about alpha southern gentlemen, is HAVING one 😉 Thanks for stopping by =)

  4. Great interview. I loved the explanation that Texas and the Southern States are different. I’m from Florida and I’m always telling people that you have to go north from where I live to be in the south.

  5. Ok, I commented on yesterday/s post, so now I come to comment on today’s post. Oh and it’s my birthday and I ordered these two books as part of my birthday present to me. LOL. Thanks to ghe both of you.


  6. Anonymous

    Hello, and huge apologies that I am just now getting to my computer, hectic very latet day and work and just now finished dinner. Your excited response is just WOW!!! thank you. I hope you love the stories and will post reveiews on Amazon and tell your friends about the Weldon boys. I tried responding from my I-phone on break buy had difficulties in getting my messages to post. (we will no mention the fact that I am technically challenged).
    So now that I have one post on I will go back again and try and greet each of you.
    Marisol.!!!!! thank you
    Tiss Happy Birthday Again!
    LOL Lighthouseharbor. You are so right about the south. I grew up in Miami. Moved to Georgia and 19 and you don’t know Southern until you get North of Valdosta.
    Christy, I can tell you for sure that Authors LOVE new readers LOL Thank you for giving me a try.
    Angela I can sure write a alpha worth loving. So I hope you get a chance to enjoy one of my heroes and if anyone sees one walking down the street. LOL point him my way please.
    Janet, good question about Pen names. I sort of fell into mine.
    When I started writing for Pocket books my real name wasn’t romantic enough so Jennifer St. Giles was born. When I developed the Jennifer Saints name I was under contract with a publisher and couldn’t put out a book that they hadn’t turned down. Then we I began the Military Romantic suspense, I went with JL Saint so that Male readers might decide to give me a try. Also once an author puts out a number of books and doesn’t hit it big, publishers won’t buy from that author unless the author changes their name. It’s sad but readers will try a new name more so than they will try a different book by an author that’s been around for a while.
    Thank you Mikala!
    Timitra I am working furiously on Tactical but life keeps intruding. LOL
    And Goldilocks you can try all of my heroes out until you find the one that’s just right LOL love the nickname.
    Cindy and Beck huge thank you!!!

    YOu all have made my night after a long stressful day!

  7. Collateral Damage really interests me. Thanks for mentioning leaving reviews on Amazon. I have been reveiwing on Goodreads lately but I am always interested in leaving reviews where they are most meaningful for authors.

  8. Having intimate knowledge of how HOT the Irish can be (well, 20 yrs ago he was hot now I think he would fall into more of a simmering category) I am very excited to read about these Irish hotties and maybe teach mine own a new trick or two.

  9. Frances

    Thanks Naughty D for the intro to a new author and thanks to Jenni for the interview! My tbr list has just grown!

  10. sue

    Just bought Wild Irish and Smooth Irish yesterday, and the interview moved them up to next on my TBR list! Love Sexey men..make them dark haired, blue eyed Irish, and you just hit my fantasy!

  11. Anonymous

    Good Morning Ladies,
    Getting ready for work and stoping by to wave hello.
    Jen hope you enjoy Collateral
    Renee LOL I am envious
    Frances Sue and Melissa thank you for putting me on your TBR list.
    Ladies email me anytime from my website and let me know if you enjoy my stories.
    More later

  12. Anonymous

    Good interview. Love her last comment about happy reading. Will check out these books. Sound good!! It interesting to me that she can write different stories.

  13. And the winners are:

    Jen B – Collateral Damage
    Frances – Midnight Secrets
    Marisol – Wild Irish


    Contact me with your email and I will forward your information to Jenni =)

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